Globe removes word “Liberal” in headline on negative FN residential schools story

globe and mail

One of my ‘favourite’ tactics the Media Party use to either shield their political friends or attack their political enemies is in the headlines, knowing readers don’t always actually read the article.

For example, here’s the headline the Globe and Mail first ran on this story:

globe headline

And here’s the headline after it was edited:globe headline.jpg1

The Globe and Mail doesn’t censor itself in order to protect Trudeau and the Liberal brand, not at all.


One Response to “Globe removes word “Liberal” in headline on negative FN residential schools story”

  1. Centurion Says:

    And follows the rest of the Media Party. It’s evident in the Duffy affair too. In fact, it was never about Duffy, per se; it was all about, “Get Harper.” It didn’t help that Duffy was a journo that had moved to the ‘dark side’ and won a senate seat, but the whole exercise was “Get Harper.”

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