CBC runs lie about NDP premier Notley getting standing ovation from “full” Liberal cabinet

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One of the most unethical things the media like to do nowadays is run quotes from anonymous sources when the reason for keeping the names of these sources hidden isn’t valid.

It used to be the standard that anon sources were sparingly used in stories, for example, to protect the identity of government whistle-blowers but now it’s commonplace in order for journalists to get ‘scoops’ and push biased slants without anyone else being able to question the source.

Case in point is CBC reporter Evan Dyer using one in his story about NDP premier Rachel Notley’s presentation to the Liberal cabinet during their Kananaskis Alberta retreat:

Sources tell CBC News that Notley received a standing ovation from the full cabinet. (see here)

Problem is, Trudeau’s “full cabinet” was not in attendance as this CP story shows:

And not all cabinet ministers attended the detailed session with Notley, choosing instead to attend other presentations being given at the same time or to flit from one to another. (see here)

It’s not the biggest political lie ever but perfectly demonstrates how journalists can either be manipulated, or worse, manipulate the story themselves.

Dyer should now correct his story and expose who his anon source was so the public knows who lied.


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  1. Jen Says:

    Now the ‘blood’ of the murdered Canadian in the Philippines rest on Trudeau’s hands and the msm.
    Had this happened under the Harper gov- the entire media force and the opposition would be all over PMSH. As long as the LPC are well protected… nothing else matters.

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