Huffington Post calls female NDP MP a liar about getting elbowed by Trudeau

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The Huffington Post is all about Girl Power:

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Until they need to attack a female in order to protect Liberal PM Justin Trudeau:

The result? MP Brosseau took a dive that would put Christiano Ronaldo to shame. This is a grown woman who, before being elected as an MP, worked at a campus pub where she was presumably jostled on more than one occasion. Instead of shrugging it off she made a grand speech about how traumatized she was. It is easy to forget that she wasn’t the innocent bystander in this story, she was one of the bullies.

So, what is the story the next day? The prime minister, who stepped in to help a bullied colleague, issues a formal apology and the crybullies are lionized by their peers. (see here)

Looking forward to those proud female Huffington Post editors defending blaming the female victim.



3 Responses to “Huffington Post calls female NDP MP a liar about getting elbowed by Trudeau”

  1. Frances Says:

    Minor detail: the PM had no right crossing the floor of the House of Commons to do what he did, and the Conservative whip didn’t look as if he were being bullied.

  2. Linda Says:

    The bullies were the Liberals who shut down debate on a Canada wide extremely important issue. That is a fact. Another fact, Trudeau lost his cool at the thought of the other government officials representing millions of Canadians trying to do anything about it. We saw the video, she got his elbow with quite a force right in the chest, try it on other women, see how it feels for yourself. It would be shocking for this to happen in the House by a PM who flew across the floor quite out of control. It was reported that day that Brown told the PM – take your hands off me.
    To make any excuses of denial or protection is just wrong.

  3. Sean M Says:

    The Media Liberals doing what they do best, being hypocrites and liars, anything to protect their precious leader Trudy the prancing fool. The moment this story broke the Liberal Party Media went into damage control inventing alternative narratives and demanding the story stop immediately. The day this story broke the Media were quickly asking themselves “if this story had legs” or after the moron actor apologized whether “this story was over now”… The Media then quickly and collectively blamed the victim Brossueau essentially implying that the girl “had it coming” followed by the inevitable refusal of the Media to continue talking about this disturbing incident and began behaving as if the whole incident never happened, it was all an “accident” said the Media. We all know how the Media would have reacted had PM Harper leaped out of his seat charged across the floor screaming “get the f##k outta my way” and assaulting men and woman in the opposition benches, pretty much the exact opposite of how the Media treated their moronic pet Justine. PM Clownypants will continue to get a free pass from his adoring Media presstitutes, they have no choice because they lack integrity and brains, they know that their leader Justine is an imbecile and a hypocrite, just like the Media that enables him, brainless Liberals all.

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