Trudeau’s top adviser compares CPC MP Jason Kenney to murderous dictator


The person who is truly running Canada’s government isn’t Liberal PM Justin Trudeau, the one pulling the strings is actually Gerald Butts whose official title is the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada:


Butts and Trudeau’s relationship goes back to their university days:

butts  1

I always envision Butts doing Trudeau’s term papers for him and Trudeau getting Butts into the cool-kids’ frat parties but creepy co-dependant relationship aside, the project of getting Trudeau into 24 Sussex started a long time ago.

And besides being the person truly controlling the government of Canada, Trudeau’s puppet-master is one of the most vile political figures in Canadian as his latest comment about Conservative MP Jason Kenney proves:

butts eu kenney

Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin has had journalists murdered who have gone against him yet not a peep from a single journalist over Butts saying this. They are either scared of him, don’t want to be cut-off from being fed anonymous stories or are good friends:

oliver butts

We know why the Media Party stayed silent, what’s the Conservative’s excuse?


2 Responses to “Trudeau’s top adviser compares CPC MP Jason Kenney to murderous dictator”

  1. Sean M Says:

    Butts sure is slimey little turd isn’t he… Butts can say as he pleases with no fear of the Media holding him to account, just like the Media treat idiot Trudo, they are his protectors, his personal PR team, they’re all on the same page. That photo of Butthead and Owliver is truly nauseating, pretty much says it all when referring to Libranos and their Media pets.

  2. Andrew Baldwin Says:

    Gerald Butts is an obnoxious ignorant twit. For one thing Putin didn’t take sides in the Brexit referendum, unlike ex-community organizer Barack Obama who spent four days in the UK trying to bully British voters into voting to stay. Putin stayed out of the referendum until the results were announced, and he didn’t celebrate afterwards, although some of the things he said could be considered mildly supportive of the Brexit side.
    Wwhat kind of a twit mocks a Canadian politician for siding with 52% of the British electorate! It’s unbelievable. Does he think the majority of the British people are allied with Putin then? Not to be trusted with the franchise perhaps? Did Justin “Get the F—k Out of My Way” Trudeau form his views on how admirable the government of the People’s Republic of China is from Gerald Butts by any chance.

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