Personal relationships between Media Party members and top Liberal insider exposed

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In a column meaning to eulogise Paul Martin’s top organiser Mike Robinson, Susan Delacourt proudly exposes more of the unethical relationships between Liberal insiders and the Media Party.

First this:

On election night last year, Mike and I were part of a large roster of panelists assembled to do commentary on Global TV’s set in Toronto. Mike was happy for the chance to spend election night with this huge gang, pulled together by one of his oldest friends, Global’s chief political correspondent, Tom Clark.

And then this:

A couple of months ago, as the weather treated us to an unseasonably summer-like Friday afternoon here in Ottawa, I decided to convene a gathering at our place on the back deck; drinks, barbecue, casual dinner. Mike, who had just moved to the neighbourhood over the past year, popped by on his way home from work. (see here)

Delacourt is so entrenched with the Liberals she has no idea how blatantly unethical both she and Clark were as it’s obvious they didn’t recuse themselves from reporting on stories that Robinson was connected to.

robinson clark

Ottawa once again showing us what a dirty, dirty place it really is.

Also: See earlier post where Delacourt attends a Liberal book signing when Trudeau skipped out of FN suicide debate here




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  1. Anonymous Says:

    They are too far gone. That is why we need you and many more like you. But, as what was taught in the UK, the people may speak over them. It could happen again here too.

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