CBC caught lying about Harper and Canada Revenue Agency


Dean Beeby was hired away from the Canadian Press by the CBC and his seemingly singular job at the CBC was to dig up documents through access to information requests that could be spun to make the Conservative government look bad which he has continued even though the Liberals are now in power.

Case in point is this latest hit-piece:

beeby cbc 1

Which contains the lie that then PM Stephen Harper personally directed the CRA to go after the Canadian Unitarian Council:

beeby cbc

After his lie was pointed out on Twitter, Beeby quietly changed his story:

beeby cbc.jpg2

Yet no footnotes are included explaining the corrections and how Beeby was wrong to have written what he did (see here).

You’ll also notice that the CBC added the lie in the new headline, of course.

Also: See earlier post (here) where I catch Beeby being fed info from the CBC to attack Harper when he still worked at CP.


3 Responses to “CBC caught lying about Harper and Canada Revenue Agency”

  1. Amber-Lynn (@BombasticLove87) Says:

    The Liberal government mantra is to blame the Conservatives… Typical liberals

  2. Anonymous Says:

    CBC is a junk fake news station for people too stupid to think for themselves.

  3. Beverley LaBrosse Says:

    This is a very dangerous situation. When the major “news” agency in the country is so corrupted, our very way of life is threatened. CBC should lose their license to broadcast! This is an outrage!

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