Trudeau booed at Calgary Stampede, Media Party says attendees adored him

trudeau stampede

In yet another example how the Media Party protect Liberal PM Justin Trudeau by hiding or omitting anything negative that makes him look bad came from his visit yesterday to the Calgary Stampede where he was booed:

odland trudeau booed stampede

Kristen Odland is a reporter for the Calgary Herald so this is obviously a credible source which if the media in Canada was ethical and unbiased would have produced front page headlines and lead stories on the national news.

Instead, the only response was to condemn those who booed Trudeau:

yedlin trudeau booed stampede

I asked Yedlin, who is a columnist for the Herald, why she was so upset about Trudeau getting booed as politicians get booed all the time yet she refuses to respond.

So here we have multiple reports of Trudeau being booed but you’d be forgiven for not knowing about it as the only story mentioning it was this by the Herald’s Emma McIntosh:

Though many in the audience were excited to Trudeau, the response wasn’t all enthusiastic. Boos could be heard from the other side of the stadium…

By the way, that was buried 8 paragraphs down.

And what was the headline that they ran you ask?

Trudeau delights Stampede-goers with rodeo visit (see here)

Tell me if Stephen Harper had been booed somewhere it wouldn’t have been a massive story with screaming front-page headlines.

And keep telling me there is no such thing as a Media Party while you’re at it.






58 Responses to “Trudeau booed at Calgary Stampede, Media Party says attendees adored him”

  1. Deryk Says:

    The MSM must not report anything negative about their “dear leader”.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    The Calgary Herald in my opinion can no longer be considered a reliable source. Notley wasn’t run over with crowds for breakfast either. Hess booed and they bring up tailings ponds. Go figure!

  4. nonnibalony Says:

    CBC has received 12.5% raise per year for the next four years. They are the fawning team…..need I say more.

    • Bridget Says:

      Of course its well-known that the CBC cannot go it alone and are Liberal backers big time! For the people who only watch this propaganda all they know si the Liberal views…. one side of things…the Liberal side!

    • Nigel Gates Says:

      They’ve always been a Liberal TV station with the increase they got it’s just going to give people even more biased opinion.

  5. Bev McMullan Says:

    This made my day. Everyone should start to boo him all the time!

    • Dick Johnson Says:

      Boo him? If I get the chance I’ll throw back the finger his father gave us years ago and call him an *******.

      • Vernus Buss Says:

        yeah kick the fool where the door will. Funny how they hide this, but any other politician is fair game. Just goes to show how phony our politicians are getting day by day.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Right on.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Booooo ooh turdeau

  7. Chantelle Trekofski Says:

    Boooo. Boooooo. Boooooo. And that’s keeping it clean what I’d really like go say to that man

  8. wes c Says:

    Didn’t expect he would be welcomed with open arms. As for the media, thats a big can of worms isn’t it Dean?

  9. Scooter Pete Says:

    So much for a fair and impartial media…

  10. Luigi Gino Del-Ciotto Says:

    booooooooooo Trudeau

  11. Kitty Says:

    I can see over a thousand boo’s on my husband’s facebook replies DAILY! Come on reporters, tell it like it is !! Reporters seem to be cowards these days. This is the worst PM ever, never gives a straight answer, puts on a phony smile and does stupid things publicly embarrassing our country. Where is Sophie when he is parading and snapping pics with young girls naked from the waist up ?? Wish we had a non confidence vote and have him removed so we can get a real leader, whoever that is.

    • Gibb Dube Says:

      let the rebel announce the news, wont be so slanted!

    • Kitty Says:

      Reply to myself, oh, I left out what a financial disaster this smug a$$ is, which will affect every last one of us including your children & grandchildren whether you like him or not. Watch your wallets the best is yet to come.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Media – no report on Booooing Truduck and no coverage of the burning of the Canadian Flag in Ontario on Canada Day while Truduck was sticking His tongue out waving an other than proper Canadian Flag.

    • Richard Beauchamp Says:

      He likely told them if they reported on fans booing him they would get a pink slip.

  13. Dean A Bryant Says:

    I would have boooed the loudest, had I been there!

  14. Zoe Morgan Says:

    Good to hear people, venting in public about the Boy/King. The Canadian Media, is corrupt, they appear to all vote Liberal. Most people now take more notice of social media, than they do rags like the Toronto Star, and the bend over backwards to please, Liberal luvvies, at the CBC! it worked last time for them, hopefully it will be the last time! Come back Stephen, all is forgiven for having bad haircuts!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    So now it’s impolite to boo this idiot? Please. Last time I looked the Charter guarantees us freedom of thought and expression. Whether you think booing is impolite or not is a matter of opinion and your doesn’t opinion doesn’t trump ones right to do so. Booooooooooooooooooo

  16. Jamie Says:

    To all you people that are commenting using the anonymous person. Grow a pair. Trudeau is a complete moron and should get booed. He is careless with our money that we work for. He cares more about bringing refugees to our country and giving money to foreign countries. He is a digrace to Canada as a leader and deserves nothing better. I would say. He is lucky if thats all he got. The CBC and other reporters should all be ashamed for not reporting the proper facts. More media people that fear and protect the weasel that Trudeau is. Not to mention Trudeau is a security risk to Canada and the rest of the world.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Well said

      • Anonymous Says:

        he and the liberals should thrown out of office and we should have another election! I’m worried that my grandchildren will still be paying down his debts. I’m a veteran, my 2 sons and daughter-in-law are still serving members and he’s done nothing for us

        • julie friesen Says:

          its your great grandchildren who will still be paying dowm the debts that this incompetent moron is forcing on the country

  17. H S Narayan Says:

    Shame on them that booooo. Justin is The Prime Minister. Shame shame on them.

    • Glen A Edwards Says:

      H S Narayan Shame on them that booed, really? He deserves a boot in the ass right out of that job he is nothing but a spoiled rich kid that has never held a real job, how does that make that idiot qualified to run Canada ? I’ll tell you it doesn’t and he has done nothing but give our money away when it could be helping our own people. I say get that idiot out of Ottawa now before he does anymore damage.

      • Maureen Denomme Says:

        I was shocked when JT addressed the terrorism in NIce and didnt remove hie COWBOY hat–so disrespectful
        I am so disappointed in him–thought he would solve some reall problems but acting like a “diva” and loves it !!!!

        • Kitty Says:

          Know why he never removed his cowboy hat? If you ever wore one it messes up your hair (like a helmut). Makes perfect sense, lol

    • sylvia norton Says:

      Wake up sir. Put on your glasses and put in your hearing aides so you know what this idiot is doing to the country. PM or not he’s a man that not many Canadians like . Oh yes forgot got to Boooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Trudeau is an idiot…they have every right to boo if they want to. Trudeau is a disgrace as a prime minister as well as a human being. I don’t care who he thinks he is, he is a MORON!!!!

    • Frances Says:

      Were you this concerned when PM Harper was given a rough ride by the media, demonstrators, etc.?

  18. Jo Middleton Says:

    THE TRUTH IS this boy/king is not capable of running our country and shame on the media for being COWARDS AND LIARS. Just speak the truth and we’ll all be better off! Of course he should be booed – it’s the taxpayers way of telling him he needs to resign and if more spoke the truth, we could start mending the damage he has done to US, OUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS. THE SHAME IS ON THOSE WHO PERPETUATE LIES. Without Love & Truth, there is Naught.

  19. Mike Says:

    If you think of it. Trudeau is a lot like the ex American president George w bush. Stupid things said/done, gets booed,only difference is George wasn’t this much of a douche

  20. Bill Says:

    don’t pollute our city or province Turd eau, you hate our province so why come here.

  21. Kat (@KWILL057) Says:

    I would have booooooeeddd him also but then I would of told him exactly what real Canadians who aren’t bought or brainwashed by media REALLY think of him.

    All media across Canada show just how “impartial reporting looks like” Peter Mansbridge is so far up TruDOPE’s ass it makes me ill. He should be fired ASAP and shut down the CBC already!

    Mansbridge officiated TruDOPES campaign manager in Italy…ordained himself to be part of it. UGH!

    During the campaign trail the way Mansbridge treated the other candidates was despicable and yet his “boy toy” that has never had a REAL job in his life is going to save Canada and the World. BS

    What is happening around the world will happen here, not IF, but WHEN and this POS Drama teacher PM will probably try to put “sunny ways sunny days” on it!

    Ashamed right now of being a Canadian which I have never said before in my 59 years!

    One more thing…stop the GD polls that are only using 100 people to 1000 people and say Canadians/ or a Province approve the Lie-berals. BRAINWASHING it is and not at all accurate as 100-1000 do NOT speak for 36 million Canadians…just sayin!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    U have to worry about a government that controls the media. Do not trust if there is nothing wrong why the control……

  23. Debbie Charles Says:

    U have to worry why the control of the media by the government if all is above board and honest why the cover ups. This sounds like other countries that try to hide things from their people. Shame on the government and shame on the media.

  24. Debbie Charles Says:

    U have to worry about a government that controls the media. Do not trust if there is nothing wrong why the control……

  25. Anonymous Says:

    The Calgary Herald reporter who is so upset that Trudeau was booed at the Rodeo is upset because she is one of the many women tax payers who are swooning over him like he is the future king.. She was likely one of the Alberta traitors who voted for him. Anyone who votes liberal, especially Trudeau, or Cretchen is a traitor to Canada.

  26. Clarice Says:

    the media only tells what they get paid to say, and if it,s not in there line of order it is shoved away. I hope when the next election comes the media stay out of it. Tru dopes is REALLY an ASS and you can tell his speechess are written for him good thing he took drama lessons and can remember what the script is

  27. Ontario Girl Says:

    Syrian refugee all gushy….she met trudope in Calgary..her DREAM came true,, but her sister was luckier…she got a selfie with him…..VOTES for 2019.

  28. Mike Jones Says:

    The Stampede is always full of tourists…tourists booed Trudeau!

  29. Mark Says:

    I am also so ashamed to be Canadian because of this idiot of PM. How could we as a nation let media become so bias . I thought Canadians were more intelligent people. I, like alot of other families, have lost their family members in the last great war’s, one and two. Now we have a coward PM and his bias media entourage, trying to manipulate an entire nation to appease all the world’s problems. Trudeau is a coward. Our military should be so ashamed of this idiot. Justin has now idea what he is doing. He is so embarrassing!!!!!!!

  30. Michele Says:

    Where’s the video?

  31. Mandy Says:

    Well he is an idiot and running our country into the ground. Perhaps this might make him aware that the canadian population is not happy with his antics and he needs to smarten up or step down

    • William Bill Troughton Says:

      Any time and any where is a good time to boo. That–my fellow canadians is our right to like or dislike. Not everyone likes narcissistic juniors ideas and spending ways and Booing states that. BOO loud and clear!

  32. Andre Says:

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Trudoooooo.

    He is a traitor at the canadian nation.

  33. Ron Aschenbrenner Says:

    Just remember Trudeau is just his father’s son. Unfortunately the real ass is the old fossil Ralph Goodale’ who is actually running the Liebral party. He should have been put out to pasture 20 years ago.

  34. Shame to be Canadian Says:

    I hope people boooooo him every second of the day he is a disgrace to our great country Canada.

  35. Frances Says:

    Dean – who paid for the offspring’s visit to Calgary? For a small business, bringing the kid out is DEFINITELY a taxable benefit to the owner. Same issue I had with Premier Redford hauling her daughter all over the place: you can do it, but either you reimburse your company (government) for cost of same or it becomes a taxable benefit on your T4. The rules are quite clear: your child/spouse has to be extremely involved in the business you have traveled to transact or the cost of same that the company covered is a taxable benefit to you. Can see spouses being granted an exemption – Mrs Harper always worked hard for Canada’s benefit when she attended an overseas event, and assume Mme Gregoire Trudeau does the same. Children – not so much.

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