Trudeau’s Policy Director threatens to cut-off newspaper’s access for daring to ask question

trudeau sharpie autographs

Besides the line where Liberal PM Justin Trudeau yells to his assistant for another felt pen while signing photographs of himself:

trudeau sharpie

The most outrageous part of this weird story (see here) on Trudeau’s personal photographer is when the Globe reporter Eric Andrew-Gee is followed into the washroom by one of Trudeau’s top staffers:

trudeau mcnair

And then threatens to cut-off access to the Globe:

trudeau mcnair .jpg1

And what was this outrageous question that was deemed so offensive?

trudeau mcnair .jpg2

Yup, the softest softball question ever is what Trudeau’s people deemed so off-side that they wanted a national newspaper banned.

You’ll remember when the Press Gallery boycotted Stephen Harper’s events when they didn’t get all the access they demanded (see here) yet not a peep of protest from them now.

Funny that huh?


2 Responses to “Trudeau’s Policy Director threatens to cut-off newspaper’s access for daring to ask question”

  1. Jen Says:

    Trudeau is just there to fool everyone by distracting them with his looks, that’s all. Who controls Justin other than Butts will be known pretty soon.
    And while the media festers around him the reality is, everything is falling apart around him.

  2. Sean M Says:

    Ironic because its usually the Media threatening anyone who dares ask PM Doofus “difficult” questions. Usually the Libranos and the Media rehearse their act before hand, so as not to make the dummy look too dumb. It is however a little strange for the Libranos to be openly threatening their comrades seeing as their on the same team… arrogance perhaps. Of course PM Clownypants has a personal photographer right next door in the adjacent office… I guess hair and make up is on the other side of the actors office… Let the idiot prance and pose while God knows who is running the country.

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