Trudeau doesn’t attend 15th anniversary of 9/11, will visit Muslim group following day » trudeau-itinerary

2 Responses to “trudeau-itinerary”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The other day while channel serving I somehow ended up on CTV news. The topic was a poll that said over 67% of Canadians wanted enhanced vetting of Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees. The talking heads guests turned themselves inside out arguing against the results of this poll by Canadians. This poll did not fit the media party’s propaganda they have been pouring into Canuck’s minds for years. They cant change the results of this poll. So now, they must double down to convince these Canadian troglodytes to change their minds to get straightened out and getting with the media party’s program.They may or may not succeed in this effort, but it’s refreshing that at least in this latest poll CTV and the media party lost this round.

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