Trudeau taking selfies at mosque day after being a no-show for 9/11 anniversary

trudeau mosque

Last January when six Canadians were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Burkina Faso, the first public event Liberal PM Justin Trudeau did was at a mosque (see here) where he thought it fun to take selfies before talking about such a tragic event:

trudeau mosque selfie

And on Monday, the day after skipping-out on any ceremonies marking the 15th anniversary of 9/11 (see here), Trudeau visited another mosque where he once again took selfies:


And this is the same person who thought it was ok to take a selfie while entering the funeral proceedings of Conservative cabinet minister Jim Flaherty (see here):


You’ll never see the Media Party go after Trudeau for this blatant pandering to Muslim voters even when it’s tied to Islamic terrorism or his stunning narcissism.


6 Responses to “Trudeau taking selfies at mosque day after being a no-show for 9/11 anniversary”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The inevitable crash will be recorded for posterity

  2. DAVID WEUM Says:

    I don’t know if Trudeau is out of touch with reality or just stupid.

  3. Ziggy Eckardt Says:

    His behaviour is, of course despicable. But what does it say about those who support him?

  4. Yahweh Says:

    By their fruit ye shall know them.


    How little does Tredeau care about Canadians, as much as he disrespects the terrorists attacks in the USA! Shame on you Tredeau and shame you bring onto Canada!


    He has no shame. He needs to be removed from office asap!

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