National Post blatantly lies in order to protect Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna


You’d be forgiven for believing a Liberal cabinet minister came to the rescue after a nasty bureaucrat went rogue trying to make a Conservative MP sign a gag order in order to be allowed to attend an UN climate change conference after reading this headline from Senior Reporter for the National Post, David Akin’s story:



And thinking that the CPC MP, Ed Fast was extremely ungrateful for Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s efforts:


What the National Post headline writer and Akin just happen to omit was McKenna herself signed off on this gag order even though Akin had posted it in the online story version:


This is a perfect example how the Media Party protects their favoured politicians while pretending to do real investigative reporting.

I confronted Akin on Twitter about this lie but have yet to receive a reply. I will update if he responds and corrects this shameful journalism.


One Response to “National Post blatantly lies in order to protect Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna”

  1. Jen Says:

    How many reporters on national tv and write for newspaper are real reporters or misstate themselves as reporters?
    The liberals want to abuse the system then do not expect the public to follow and obey the system either.

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