CBC columnist stating he might “Piss on the walls” of Trump Tower hotel


Dear Mr. Skoreyko:

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email. I will share your email with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News so that she will be aware of your concern.

Esther Enkin


My complaint filed with the CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin:

As the nation’s public broadcaster, the CBC has an obligation to screen its contributors for a minimum standard of decency and good taste before offering them access to this powerful and important forum. I believe the CBC failed this standard by permitting Sam Khanlari to author a column on the CBC News Opinion site on January 15, 2017.

A few days before Mr. Khanlari’s column (“Now more than ever, Canada must join the chorus of support for the Iran nuclear deal,” Jan. 15, 2017) was published, Mr. Khanlari posted a tweet speculating about staying “in the Trump Tower for one week” and “Piss [sic] on all the walls and smoke weed[.]” 

Mr. Khanlari’s tweet was not only in enormously bad taste, it significantly undermined his ability to offer credible, mature commentary on the incoming Trump administration, which his Jan. 15 column purported to offer. I believe the CBC failed to adequately screen Mr. Khanlari before offering him access to the CBC Opinion website, and have now embarrassed and harmed the public broadcaster by doing so.

I believe the CBC must issue an apology on behalf of Mr. Khanlri and remove him from posting on the CBC website.

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko

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