Vancouver news radio producer proudly admits participating in anti-Trump rally


CKNW is a major Vancouver news radio station so it caught my eye when it retweeted a very partisan post that also had its Twitter name included:


So I Googled the person, Chantal Choschizza who sent out the tweet:


And confronted her:


My jaw dropped, in all the years I’ve been tracking and commenting on the media I’ve never seen a journalist actually admit to participating in a partisan political event.

And to top it off:


Also admit her employer supports her political activism.



5 Responses to “Vancouver news radio producer proudly admits participating in anti-Trump rally”

  1. Centurion Says:

    The era of professional journalism is long over. Perhaps there never was one. Today the media are populated with SJWs, partisans for political parties, bingocallers and scribblers with personal agendas, and advocates of speech restrictions for everyone except themselves as journos. It’s the time of the ‘presstitute.’

    As I write this, I’m watching (live) President Trump talking about the media and how malicious, partisan and unfair they are. He isn’t whining either. Like him, I have no respect for journos at all; I expect them to lie and twist.

    • Lore white Says:

      I totally agree, once upon a time there was neutral jurnalism, now it is hate and vitreoul. I only take maybe 10% of what is said as truth.

      • Centurion Says:

        Much of what is written is true; I’ve checked. What’s really wrong is the incorrect tidbits meant to guide the reader into the desired frame of mind or “the narrative” as the journos call it.
        Wholly wrong is what is left out, often relevant facts or entire stories especially if they involve the media’s sensitivities or biases. TY for your reply.

  2. Terrence Says:

    If I want real news I do not listen to CKNW – several years ago I did, but it has become more and more LEFT WING and flat out biased over the past few years. They have a number of “talk” shows where the hosts present their opinions; and these have also become more and more left wing over the last few years, and often, intolerant of callers who do not follow the narrative. The so-called news programs and the talk shows usually REPEAT stuff from the US stations as if it was gospel.

    So, they are not only presstitutes, they are very often REPEATERS

  3. Dave Says:

    ‘NW has been a total waste of airwaves since Arthur Griffiths sold the station

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