Trudeau appearance at Juno Awards leads into statutory rape joke

Liberal PM Justin Trudeau never misses an opportunity to put himself squarely in the limelight but his latest narcissistic appearance at this year’s Juno Awards has now associated him with a sick joke about having sex with young girls:

Bryan Adams and comedian Russell Peters kicked off the Juno Awards on Sunday night with a little help from Justin Trudeau.

The show opened with a skit set backstage and Peters being waved into Adams’s green room. An incredulous Peters is told Adams is on the phone with the prime minister and the rock star exclaims: “I’m Bryan (expletive) Adams.”

The scene ended with Trudeau requesting that Adams play “Summer of ’69” on the show.

“I love that song,” the prime minister proclaimed.

Peters followed with a somewhat off-colour opening monologue in which he proclaimed the audience of young girls was a “felony waiting to happen,” (see here)

Keep in mind that Trudeau is a self-declared feminist so there should be no doubt that the media will be asking him about Peters’ joke and whether statutory rape is funny, right?


Update: Trudeau was sitting with his wife and young daughter when Peters made his joke

Update: Liberal heritage minister condemns Peters:

Comments made by comedian Russell Peters while hosting the Junos on Sunday night are not welcome by Heritage Minister Melanie Joly.

Peters, who hosted the music awards ceremony in Ottawa along with musician Bryan Adams, called the minister “hot” before introducing her on stage.

He also commented on the number of young women in the audience, suggesting it was a “felony waiting to happen.”

Joly says Peters’ comments were clearly inappropriate, adding this type of humour does not have a place at the Junos. (see here)


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    Brian Adams has always been crap.

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