CTV runs segment questioning Jason Kenney’s sexuality, why never Naheed Nenshi’s?

After singer KD Lang tried to ‘out’ PC leader Jason Kenney on Twitter:

CTV Calgary thought it to be in the public interest enough to run a segment:

Kenney is unmarried and rumours about his sexuality have swirled around for some time now. This is being used by CTV and Lang as a political attack as the Left believes us Conservatives would somehow be outraged to know the politicians we support are gay. It’s laughable but that’s how they think and which then brings me to Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Nenshi is also unmarried and rumours about his sexuality have also been swirling around political circles yet the media have never reported on them for some reason.

Maybe because the Media Party knows that if their favourite Muslim mayor was outed, his supporters may actually be the ones outraged?


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