Global News hides fact gay couple attackers were Moroccan immigrants

A red flag went up as soon as I noticed Global News National Online Journalist Jesse Ferreras didn’t include a description of the people who attacked a Dutch gay couple besides saying this:

The couple soon found themselves attacked by a group of six to eight teens. (see here)

After pointing it out on Twitter, it took about 3 minutes before someone sent me this quote from the Telegraph:

“And then suddenly there was a group of six to eight Moroccan youths. Before I knew it I was on the ground fighting with three men on top of me.” (see here)

I asked Ferreras if he’d like to explain how he missed the description of the attackers but so far he refuses to respond which is not surprising in the least.

It’s more important for Media Party members like Ferreras to protect violent immigrants than protect the gay community.


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