Dare to question a reporter’s professionalism, get told to “go fuck yourself”

Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau was in Whitehorse on Friday and his local media fans were out in full-force gushing breathlessly over him, the one who stuck-out most to me was Jackie Hong from the Yukon News:

Besides this tweet, Hong’s entire Twitter account was a Trudeau squeal-fest so I asked her editor Chris Windeyer this question:

Which Windeyer replied unprofessionally with dripping snark that it wasn’t. Then after a couple back-and-forth tweets he sent me this gem:

And emboldened by her editor, Hong posted this drive-by smear:

This is the viciousness in the people who make-up the vast majority of the Canadian media nowadays and it takes very little prodding to expose.





6 Responses to “Dare to question a reporter’s professionalism, get told to “go fuck yourself””

  1. Paul Graham Says:

    Where do they get these useless idiots, do they actually pay them off to drool over this clown from Ottawa??? What a disgusting state of affairs!!

  2. Bryan Benay Says:

    It’s typical Media response when they know they have crossed the line!

  3. Christine Says:

    Windeyer needs some PR social program, nasty PR.

  4. Johanus Haidner Says:

    Interesting how they didn’t actually answer the question…. Hmmm… Makes you wonder even more.

  5. Twyla Says:

    Why would it matter if it was her? Why do you assume it is her even after even she herself said it wasn’t and why is this even a big deal?

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