My complaint filed against Black Press editor who told me: “go fuck yourself”

Mike Thomas, Publisher Yukon News:

I was recently on the receiving end of deeply unprofessional conduct from Chris Windeyer, the editor of Yukon News, a Black Press newspaper.

On September 2 of this year, I tweeted to Windeyer asking him to confirm the identity of a Yukon News reporter in a selfie photograph with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In his reply, Windeyer told me to “Kindly go fuck yourself.”

I’ve attached the two tweets: As the tweets indicate, my question was asked calmly. Regardless as to what Mr. Windeyer thinks he knows about me, my agenda, or past work, I believe there is simply no excuse for the way he behaved towards me. I am a member of the public and he is the editor of a prominent newspaper, and a high-ranking employee of a major media company. To use such vulgar language on a social platform is not only personally offensive, but reflects very poorly on the corporate culture and standards of the Yukon News and Black Press and encourages the same by other employees as shown by reporter Jackie Hong who implied I was a racist (also see attached). Indeed, I refuse to believe Windeyer’s and Hong’s conduct was consistent with the code of conduct their paper or publisher holds its employees to.

In response to Windeyer’s behaviour he should be reminded by his employer that this type of conduct is not acceptable and forced to post a public apology.

I have cc’ed the appropriate Black Press management so that they are aware of my complaint.

I await your response

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko


3 Responses to “My complaint filed against Black Press editor who told me: “go fuck yourself””

  1. Centurion Says:

    Good for you, Dean.

  2. Guffman Says:

    Well stated Dean. Unfortunately though as we know, rules of conduct and decency apply only to conservative voices – the liberal media seemingly has no standards anymore. In the end it will be their demise, but that end can’t come soon enough.
    Thanks for attempting to hold them to account.

  3. Frances Says:

    Keep going, Dean. When I see an editor who resorts to such language, I automatically downgrade the publication/station said editor works for to “seriously biased and no decent vocabulary” rating. And, to me, no decent vocabulary means no way to express one’s thoughts, or even to think clearly.

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