Business Development Bank of Canada president must resign after publicly defending Liberal finance minister

The Business Development Bank of Canada is a non-partisan crown corporation that should never involve itself in political partisanship yet during this Star fluff piece on scandal-ridden Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau, the president and CEO Michael Denham did just that:

“If there’s one thing that has really made me mad in all this is that Bill is pure in terms of his ethics and his integrity,” says his closest friend, Michael Denham, 53, president and CEO of the Business Development Bank of Canada, an arm’s-length Crown corporation.

“It’s one thing to be attacked on policy.That’s fair game . . . But to be attacked so salaciously on character is what’s been eating away at me,” adds Denham, who’s known Morneau since they were students at the London School of Economics in the late ’80s. (see here)

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer must now demand Denham’s resignation in order to maintain the integrity of the Business Development Bank of Canada and also send a message to other Liberal bureaucrats and cronies that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.


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