My complaint to the CBC Ombudsman on panelist calling Lindsay Shepherd a “young crying white girl”

Esther Enkin, CBC Ombudsman

On Dec 17 during a segment of CBC’s political show Sunday Scrum about who were the newsmakers of the year, panelists Vicky Mochoma called Lindsay Shepherd a “young crying white girl” and dismissed her fight for university freedoms because “she leans hard right” politically.

Neither race, gender, age nor political affiliation has anything to do with the issue at hand yet Mochoma was allowed to attack Shepherd without even being confronted by the CBC host John Northcott.

There is no doubt had a panelist used the description “young crying black girl” the reaction would have been immediate and severe, including an on-air apology and removal from any further CBC panels. Neither of these has happened in this case.

Mochoma’s appearances on the CBC must end, a public and personal apology to Lindsay Shepherd be issued, the show’s host explain why he remained silent after Mochoma used this racist term and the CBC must clarify to all employees and panelists that this type of on-air commentary will not be tolerated in the future.

I await your response.


4 Responses to “My complaint to the CBC Ombudsman on panelist calling Lindsay Shepherd a “young crying white girl””

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Searle Sheldon Says:

    Just the CBC up to it’s usual standard…

  3. Kasper Guldberg Says:

    Vicky Mochoma’s comments were intolerable and morally bankrupt. An apology should be issued immediately – to Lindsay Shepherd and all viewers. In future, the network should ensure that airtime is not offered casually to any unhinged and reactionary ideologue.

  4. Jen Says:

    How can a ‘racist’ CBC as a whole reprimand another for being or calling another a racist’
    How can a thief reprimand another for being a thief.

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