My 2nd complaint filed with the CBC Ombudsman over coverage of Roxham Road border protests

CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin:

Further to my complaint on the report filed by Jonathan Montpetit titled “Far-right groups, counter-protesters rally over asylum seekers at Canada-U.S. border”, I would like an investigation done by the Ombudsman into why Montpetit omitted mentioning in his story that a female journalist was repeatedly assaulted by pro-illegal border supporters even though it was clearly done in front of the media and police in attendance as videos making the rounds on social media show.

And not only did Montpetit omit mentioning these assaults, he gleefully mocked the person (Faith Goldy) on Twitter afterwards of which I have a screen shot. Montpetit’s profile is Verifed by Twitter and directly linked to his employer, the CBC, which means he is representing the CBC on his Twitter account.

I would like to know what the CBC employment policy is for reporters intentionally omitting story details that would greatly influence their audience’s reaction and also the CBC’s social media policy for when a reporter uses it to mock a victim of an assault due to personal bias or dislike.

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko


3 Responses to “My 2nd complaint filed with the CBC Ombudsman over coverage of Roxham Road border protests”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    Disgusting CBC!

  2. Jacinte Says:

    I saw that the incident what reported by some journalist about Faith Goldy and I was shocked that such a thing happened. It is disgraceful and Montpetit is a rat. I am unable to use any other term to describe him. That is the best suited term for him! Thank you Dean Skoreyko for proceeding with this complaint. People like you makes the world a better place to live.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We conservatives support you! Dean. Continue to be a voice, please!

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