My complaint filed with the CBC Ombudsman over coverage of Roxham Road border protests

CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin:

On May 19, CBC reporter Jonathan Montpetit filed a report titled “Far-right groups, counter-protesters rally over asylum seekers at Canada-U.S. border” in which he repeatedly described the anti-illegal border crossing group as “far-right” while describing the pro-illegal border crossing group as “counter-protesters”. By doing so Monpetit is associating one group politically while downplaying any political affiliations of the other even though one “counter-protester” named in the article (Jaggi Singh) is well-known for advancing extreme political causes. Montpetit just calls Singh an “activist”. How can one side be “far-right” yet the other is not “far-left”?

I would like an explanation of CBC’s policy in regard to labelling people or groups as “far-right” regardless of any known politically leanings and also an explanation why Monpetit singled out one group in his story for being politically associated while using non-political terms for the other.

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko


2 Responses to “My complaint filed with the CBC Ombudsman over coverage of Roxham Road border protests”

  1. Mike Johnston Says:

    I can hardly wait for the response from the CBC. It should be interesting but disgusting!!

  2. Jen Says:

    What I would like to see is that aCBC, CTV, and other far left reporting outlets and of course their reporters as well as every liberal and ndp mps and not least, justin trudeau, all open their doors whether at their offices or homes to the illegals, to be fed clothed educated and looked after at their every wish.
    Since many of them are willing to sacrifice their country to every whim imposed by their beloved justin trudeau, why aren’t any of them offering openly to take in those illegalls into their own homes and leave us law abiding citizens alone.

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