Racist Liberal Senator “white man behaviour”


Liberal Senator Lillian Dyck has proven herself blatant racist for saying this to Conservative MP Rob Clarke:

“That, for a First Nations man, is not traditional First Nations behaviour. It was not at all. It is what we would call … white man behaviour, and you can be insulted by that if you like.”

Dyck not only refused to apologise but doubled down:

“We use that ‘white man’ comment all the time because at the signing of the treaties it was the white man and the Indians,” Dyck said. “I didn’t think using the term ‘white man’ was offensive.” (see here)

Because Dyck would accept the term “red woman behaviour” right?

Ghomeshi repeatedly booked guests his lawyer and agent represented – CBC management knew

ghomeshi stroumboulopoulos

Criminally charged Jian Ghomeshi not only used his CBC radio program Q to collect young women so he could groom them to allegedly abuse and attack, he also used this publicly-owned program to line the pockets of people he had business relationships with:

As Ghomeshi gushed about her performances for his Canadian and American audience, entertainment lawyer Chris Taylor, who manages Ortega, watched from the other side of a glass panel in the CBC control room where Q is produced. Jack Ross, a powerful Toronto agent who also represents Ortega, was not there that day but, like Taylor, he was the beneficiary of Ghomeshi’s skilful promotion of a client.

What Ghomeshi did not share with his listeners was the fact that he, too, was a client of agent Jack Ross and lawyer Chris Taylor.

This pattern was replicated many times over the seven years Ghomeshi hosted Q, according to a Star review of Q shows and the client lists of Taylor and Ross

And the CBC knew and allowed Ghomeshi to do it:

CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson said the national broadcaster knew that Ghomeshi was represented by Taylor and Ross, and that those men’s clients often appeared on Q. Thompson said it was not a problem because “Q is an entertainment program and it’s not bound by the same standards and practices we have in place with our news and current affairs programs.”

“Some people (at CBC) were aware of Jian’s representation by Chris Taylor and Jack Ross. It’s a small industry and both Chris and Jack represent a lot of Canadian talent, some of whom have been featured on Q along with many other artists who weren’t represented by either Taylor or Ross,” the CBC’s Thompson told the Star (see here)

How many others at the CBC are making side-money from working there while skirting conflict of interest rules designed not to catch them?

And once again, where the hell is the minister in charge of the CBC, Shelly Glover?


NDP’s Safety Critic contradicts Mulcair on gun registry by saying it’s “not coming back”

garrison mulcair

The same day that NDP leader Thomas Mulcair announced a NDP government would bring back the long-gun registry (see here), their Public Safety Critic Randall Garrison had this to say to Macleans Magazine:

“The registry’s gone, the data’s been destroyed, so the registry’s not coming back,” (see here)

And instead of backing down, Garrison responded back to me:


Besides the lame attempt at deflecting by telling me to “fact check” this is Garrison admitting being driven over by an orange bus and him refusing to stay under the wheels.

Mulcair now has a big problem inside his caucus.

CBC runs sexist headline: “Peter MacKay’s women troubles”

Kady O'Malley

Instead of chastising NDP leader Thomas Mulcair for using the 25th anniversary of the Montreal massacre at Ecole Polytechnic to attack Minister Peter MacKay, CBC’s Kady O’Malley goes after MacKay instead while running this as a headline (see here):


The CBC wouldn’t dare run a headline saying a female NDP MP was having “men troubles” but doesn’t think twice about doing it to a male Conservative MP.

The CBC should immediately remove it and O’Malley be forced to issue a public apology to MacKay.

Names revealed of female NDP MPs who alleged sexual assaults by male Liberal MPs

pacetti andrews

The Black Rod blog not only reveals who the NDP MPs are who came forward (kinda) saying that two Liberal MPs sexually assaulted them but also lays out how it all went down and possible political motives behind the allegations (see here).

A terrific read.


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