Media go ape over Conservatives politicizing Terry Fox Run, crickets on Liberal candidate who chairs event


There is always one rule for the Conservatives and another for the Liberals whenever it comes to the media.

Case in point is the faux scandal over whether the Conservatives supporting funding the Terry Fox Run was crass:

The Conservatives were being taken to task online after a statement from the Terry Fox family said the party had misrepresented it at a recent campaign event. (see here)

Which included this tweet from Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s top advisor, Gerald Butts:

butts terry fox

Apparently Butts doesn’t know that Trudeau’s candidate Pam Damoff’s bio on the Liberal Party website includes this gem:

Pam is an active volunteer in her community; she is Chair of the Oakville Santa Claus Parade and Terry Fox Run (see here)

And take a look at this photo Damoff posted of all the Liberal campaign shirts during the Terry Fox Run:

terry fox liberal damoff

But I’m sure no Liberal mole inside the Terry Fox organization was behind this.

Trudeau’s comments on black community called racist by reporter

trudeau punch

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has some serious damage-control to do after Toronto Star reporter Desmond Cole called him out on statements made during a women’s forum last night:

cole trudeau racism

cole trudeau racism .jpg1

cole trudeau racism .jpg2

You can read more of Cole’s tweets and watch the video of Trudeau here.

The media went absolutely ape accusing PM Stephen Harper of being racist over his “old-stock Canadians” phrase during the last leaders’ debate but I guarantee you these dog-whistle comments by Trudeau will never get the same attention.


Columnist lets slip NDP and Liberals are buying media meals and limo services

ivison carney

Besides the blatant untruthfulness of National Post columnist John Ivison stating on CTV’s political show Question Period that the Conservatives are “hiding” from the media, he lets a dirty little secret out of the bag:

ivison lunch ctv

Yet according to the NYU Journalism Handbook:

At a restaurant, however, the reporter should pay for the meal or drink. (see here)

Besides meals and limo rides, what else are the Liberals and NDP buying Press Gallery members in order to garner favourable coverage?


Photo: NDP candidate’s husband posing gangster-style with handgun

swampy 4

A few questions come to mind after seeing this photo of Armand Swampy, husband of NDP candidate Katherine Swampy:

swampy gun

Is that a real handgun?

If real, is the person aiming the gun at the camera licensed to own a handgun?

If real, what does the law state about casually pointing a handgun like this?

Regardless if it’s real, why would someone running to be a Canadian law-maker think posing like this was acceptable?

swampy gun 1

swampy 2

These are some questions Swampy and the NDP must answer – with the assistance of the RCMP.

swampy 3

Update: This looks to be a photo of Swampy’s husband posing with a handgun. Notice the title “Armand” and it being posted from an album titled “Katherine S’s Photos”:

swampy gun 2

Was it Katherine Swampy who took the picture?

Update: I have confirmation from a provincial jail guard that the tattoo on Armand Swampy’s stomach is gang affiliated and is called a “Family tattoo”.

swampy tattoo

NDP candidate said Harper sponsored terrorism in the Middle East

myrna clark ndp

NDP candidate Myrna Clark has a vast history of saying outrageous things on Twitter which, if the media didn’t ignore would force NDP leader Thomas Mulcair to remove her.

Clark hates Canada’s oil industry and would like to see it destroyed:

clark ndp 1

clark ndp

Is a huge fan of the murderous Russian tyrant VladimirPutin:

clark ndp 2

And stated the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper is funding terrorists in the Middle East:

clark ndp 2

What are the odds that the Media Party will finally now stop shielding the NDP?


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