Trudeau takes selfies at mosque where he spoke about CDNs killed by Islamic terrorists

trudeau selfie

Six Canadian humanitarian workers were among the 28 murdered by Islamic terrorists in the African country of Burkina Faso on Friday evening and Liberal PM Justin Trudeau’s first public event after was to tour a rebuilt mosque in Peterborough with female minister Maryam Monsef:

Monsef and Trudeau arrived together at the mosque shortly after 10 a.m. on Sunday to a crowd of about 300 people standing in the small parking lot outside.

trudeau monsef mosque

So, Trudeau’s first public event after a horrific Islamic terrorist attack which killed 6 Christian Canadians was to partake in a photo-op being mobbed by Muslim fans, not meet privately with the family of the victims.

But most insensitive was the series of selfies Trudeau took inside the mosque:

trudeau mosque selfie

Trudeau: “Yesterday we got terrible news of violent terrorism in Burkina Faso where six Canadian people were killed. In solidarity with their families that are suffering an unspeakable and tragic loss, I ask you to join me in a moment of silence and reflection.”

How long before or after the moment of silence was it when these selfies were taken, a couple minutes?


Liberal spy sent in to disrupt Harper rally given plumb job by Trudeau minister

isinger cbc

Some may remember the story of a teen girl who was sent in by the Liberal Party to pretend to have been kicked out of a Harper event during the 2011 election:


Which the Media Party happily spread:


Even though it was shown to be a lie:


Well, this little Liberal operative has now been fully rewarded for her deception:


Just don’t expect any Press Gallery member to say a word about how the Liberals pay-off their secret agents with taxpayers’ money once in power.

Alberta NDP MLAs caught lying about party whip’s husband pushing female protester

mclean bostock

Yesterday, the Rebels’ Holly Nicholas posted a video showing the spouse of NDP MLA Stephanie McLean, Shane Bostock, pushing a female protester as she tried to gain entry to a closed-door NDP announcement reinstating disgraced MLA Deborah Drever (watch here).

The incident involved the Calgary Police who spoke with Bostock inside the building and apparently warned him that he had committed an assault. Miraculously though, no NDP officials nor Media Party members in attendance noticed any of this because not one news article has appeared and the NDP have pretended they didn’t even know who Bostock was:

renaud ndp assault.jpg-large

Marie Renaud is the NDP MLA for St Albert and has a background in helping adults with learning disabilities.

anderson ndp assault.jpg-large

Shaye Anderson is the NDP MLA for Leduc-Beaumont and this isn’t the first time he’s been caught lying about violence:

renaud anderson ndp ab

Notice who responded to Anderson’s lie about violent farmers attending the rally.

So beyond a spouse of a NDP MLA pushing a woman, we now have a conspiracy to cover-up his assault by the NDP and Alberta media. Nice huh?


CBC political reporter takes new job with Liberal minister


James Cudmore was a reporter who covered politics and the military at the CBC:

cudmore cbc sajjan .jpg1

Until today that is:

cudmore cbc sajjan

For those unaware, Harjit Sajjan is Trudeau’s defense minister:

sajjan trudeau

Now, tell me Cudmore didn’t slant his stories in favour of the Liberals during the election.

h/t @GraemeCGordon 


Manitoban PCs surging in polls, CBC attacks with fundraising donation story

cbc winnipeg

The Manitoba NDP led by Greg Selinger are currently looking at being wiped-out in the upcoming April election and the Media Party are panicking, looking at every way to attack the poll-leading PCs led by Brian Pallister.

A perfect example is this hit-piece from the CBC titled “Manitoba PC’s request called incompetent. Tories ask Winnipeg journalists for donations to fight NDP attack ads”:

An email fundraising campaign by the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives makes the party look bad, says political scientist and professor emeritus at L’Université de Saint-Boniface, Raymond Hébert.

The email was sent to several Manitoba journalists, including at least two at CBC. (see here)

How is this a hit-piece you ask?

  1. notice the name of the CBC reporter is not included as a by-line
  2. also omitted are the names of the journalists who are said to have received the donation requests
  3. the professor quoted is a well-known socialist
  4. it’s common practise for journalists to sign-up to receive fundraising emails from political parties

Now, the only question remains is whether Pallister will make the same mistake as Stephen Harper and allow these types of direct attacks to go unchallenged or did he learn that you must fight back?



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