Calgary Police stood silent when Muslims chanted “Heil Hitler” at Jews – chase down/shoot skinhead yelling “white power”

calgary skinhead

There are two sets of laws in Calgary – one for Muslim racists and one for Aryan racists.

Last summer the Calgary Police were caught on video standing-by refusing to do anything while Hamas supporters yelled “Heil Hitler” at Jews during an anti-racism protest after Jews were attacked on the streets outside City Hall days prior:

But after a lone skinhead yelled “white power” at another anti-racism rally, the Calgary Police chased him down and ended-up shooting him:

Police in Calgary say a man was shot during an altercation with officers moments after he caused a disruption at an anti-racism rally. (see here)

And don’t think for a second the media will demand answers from the Calgary Police as they actively hid the Hitler chanters (see here):


And where is the police chief who oversaw the transformation of the Calgary Police force that allows antisemitic hate-crimes and refuses to protect Jews from assaults yet jumps all over a white racist you ask – he’s now running for Prentice’s PCs of course (see here).

h/t Mike Hansen

Eyewitnesses to Muslims chanting Heil Hitler at Jews say media, Calgary Police also heard them discuss raping women

Last summer I exposed Calgary Herald reporter Erika Stark refusing to report on Muslim men chanting Heil Hitler at Jews during a rally organized by Ezra Levant (see here) and even though it was widely covered by online websites and the Times of Israel (see here), not a single Canadian news organization would touch it. But it gets even worse.

Two eyewitnesses have now told me that these same Heil Hitler chanters also discussed raping women and that the Calgary Police and media in attendance would have heard it just like the Hitler taunts:

hitler chanters talk raping women

Now ask yourself what else the media and Calgary Police are covering-up – scary thought isn’t it?

Update: Not only has a 3rd person come forward to verify this happening, he says the Calgary Police recorded it all

hitler chanters calgary police

HuffPost’s Althia Raj runs libellous statement against ex-candidate from anon Liberal official

trudeau wells raj

The Liberal Party didn’t care for Varinder Bhullar accusing them of pulling his candidacy in favour of a preferred candidate:

“Once they couldn’t bribe or threaten me out, they tried to bully me out by convincing the local board to kick me out of the race. It was dirty tricks. I said that a nomination race was the best way to go,” he said. (see here)

So they gave a call to one of their Media Party shills, Huffington Post’s Althia Raj to get back at him:

“The man cheated. He was caught. And it was a pretty flagrant violation,” a Liberal party official said, insisting on anonymity. (see here)

It’s not even remotely ethical for Raj to run a libellous statement under the condition of anonymity.

I would certainly be launching a lawsuit against Raj and the Huffing Post if I was Bullar – let’s see what he does.

My official complaint filed against Global News’ Tom Clark

tom clark

I have sent the following complaint to Troy Reeb, Senior Vice President of News for all Shaw Media:

In the aftermath of the recent Paris tragedy, a popular myth quickly spread that the Conservative Party was seeking to raise funds by exploiting the episode into some sort of broader narrative about the Prime Minister’s foreign policy leadership. It was observed that the Conservative Party website featured a “donate” button above an infographic featuring a quote from Prime Minister Harper in reaction to the tragedy. At 8:26 PM on January 8, Global News Chief Political Correspondent Tom Clark contributed to this gossip by tweeting that the “Conservatives [are] using the Paris massacre to raise money” and that such action “takes some sort of cold blood.” (see attached)

However, as this CBC story reveals, the “donate” button in question was simply a permanent fixture on the Conservative website, present on every page, regardless of content. Any attempt to portray the Conservatives as seeking to “raise money” from the Paris tragedy thus required a great deal of ignorance regarding how campaign websites work, or indeed, a lack of even cursory research to understand the structure of the Conservative site in particular.

For his part in helping spread this ugly misinformation at the expense of the Conservative Party’s reputation, I believe Tom Clark must offer an official retraction of his January 8 comments.

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko

Trudeau breaks helmet law riding snowmobile in Inuvik?


In a series of publicity photos taken by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s personal photographer while Trudeau was in Inuvik, were a few showing Trudeau and his son riding a snowmobile:

Justin and Xavier go snowmobiling in Inuvik. January 10, 2015 (see here)

But what caught my attention was although his son is wearing a helmet, Trudeau himself does not so I did a little digging and found this:


The operator of, and any passenger being carried or towed by an all-terrain vehicle
within the town, shall at al times wear a protective CSA approved helmet when the
all-terrain vehicle is in motion.

And there’s also a matter of having a proper license:

No person shall operate an all-terrain vehicle on a highway, or in any other public place within the town, unless such person holds a valid Town of Inuvik All-Terrain Vehicle Operator’s Permit or a valid drivers’ permit issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. (see here)

You’ll remember the Media Party going ape when PM Stephen Harper went for an ATV ride (see here) so there’s no way they will let this slide, right?


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