Liberal’s national campaign member calls iPolitics story on Trudeau “bullshit”

kirk cox 2

iPolitics’ Janice Dickson posted a story about how Liberal leader Justin Trudeau bailed on campaigning with the Nova Scotia Liberals to avoid answering questions on their film tax credit cut:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is weathering a social media backlash over a decision made by the Nova Scotia Liberal government.

While Trudeau’s office says he cancelled his visit to Masstown Market on Thursday because of scheduling reasons, they refused to disclose what changed his schedule. They did, however, confirm that Trudeau will be in Halifax all day Wednesday and, after returning to Toronto for meetings on Thursday, will resume his planned tour of the Atlantic provinces through the weekend. (see here)

And the Liberals do not like Trudeau to ever be questioned by the media as this tweet sent to me shows:

kirk coxWhatever right? Except Cox also happens to sit on the Liberal’s national election committee:

kirk cox 1Imagine the Media Party reaction if someone from the Conservative’s election committee called an article about Harper “bullshit”.

Press Gallery member exposed at trial taking money from Mike Duffy


Just when you think the Media Party’s secrets couldn’t get any dirtier, this comes to light:

The court record shows that, in 2010, Bourrie was issued a $500 cheque by one of Duffy’s contractors for what appeared to be “Web site analysis.”

Mark Bourrie is a rabid anti-Harper fanatic who recently appeared as a media panelist at the NDP front-group, Broadbent Institute alongside fellow Harper-Derangement Syndrome sufferer Michael Harris:



Do you think Bourrie told the Broadbent people he had taken money previously from Duffy?

The Parliamentary Press Gallery has confirmed that Bourrie was a member during this time:

Gallery staff confirmed Wednesday that Bourrie was a Gallery member in 2010 at the time he took Duffy’s money and remains a member as of Wednesday, listed on the Gallery’s Web site as a freelancer. (see here)

How long has the Press Gallery known about this and how many members are or have been paid under the table by politicians or political parties?

The Media Party’s glee over using the Duffy trial to take down Harper has now had the tables turned on them – hilarious if it wasn’t so disgusting.



Media given Duffy trial documents that were supposed to be redacted but still legible

Mike Duffy

I’m just a dumb guy who knows nothing about how the courts work but found it extremely bizarre that I was seeing evidence put forward by the Crown against Mike Duffy appearing in the media even though it seemingly didn’t have anything to do with the criminal trial at hand.

Case in point was this story about an entry in Duffy’s daily calendar about how Minister Peter MacKay apparently blamed ex-Harper aide and now Liberal-turncoat Dimitri Soudas for leaking something damaging about him to the press:

According to entries in Duffy’s personal calendar, MacKay told him he believed that Dimitri Soudas, former director of communications to Harper, leaked the unflattering story about the chopper ride to the media. The conversation between MacKay and Duffy happened during or after a national Conservative caucus meeting on May 9, 2012, according to the Duffy calendar entry.

But then we find out the media weren’t supposed to have this information:

The entries, some of which were blacked out by a marker but still legible, also indicate that senators were outraged by how the PMO and MacKay handled the story. (see here)

Tell me how it was possible for the court to have given political gossip to the media so badly ‘redacted’ that it was still readable?

Is this a common problem of the courts because I’ve never heard of it happening before or was someone with an anti-Conservative agenda in charge of the evidence?

This is pretty damn serious.


Perfect of CBC’s Harper-Derangement Syndrome – press pass typos ‘story’


CBC reporters like Kirk Williams can’t hide their glee whenever they post childish crap like this:

kirk williams

I asked Williams if he had no real news yesterday to report on and if he has never made a typo – no answer back of course.

And Williams wasn’t the only publicly-paid CBC journalist thinking this was news as CBC ran it as a news story:

Typos in Prime Minister’s Office press pass induce mockery on Twitter (see here)

And CBC’s As It Happens gets into the act:

cbc as it happens

And CBC’s The National even included it in their telecast last night – another proud moment for Peter Mansbridge.

I honestly cannot hate the CBC more then when I see this type of juvenile ‘reporting’ done on the taxpayers’ dime especially when they do everything they can to ignore or play-down gaffes by Trudeau (see here).

Star’s Hepburn gets caught making up anti-Conservative crime stats in column

bob hepburn

There’s a few noticeable things to pick up from Bob Hepburn latest column – first being he is obviously in full panic-mode about Trudeau’s ability to beat Harper this fall when responding to a Liberal operative:

“How do you think we’re doing?” the veteran Liberal party campaign organizer asked as we sat a few days ago in a quiet backroom at a non-political conference.

My hesitation, though, was due to my understanding that many long-time Liberals, those people who stuck with the party through the Martin-Dion-Ignatieff years, are growing increasingly uneasy with Trudeau. (see here)

Safely bet these “long-time Liberals” Hepburn is referring to are the management of the Toronto Star as Hepburn is the Star’s official spokesman but what also jumped out at me was Hepburn admitting he was chatting with a Liberal player yet refusing to name him/her.

Anyone else curious what Hepburn and this “Liberal campaign organizer” were doing hanging out in a “backroom at a non-political conference”? How many meetings does the Star’s official spokesman have with Liberal campaign organizers where he’s giving them political advice?

The Media Party whine about government openness yet hide their dirty dealings with political organizers and insiders.

Adding to the unethicalness of this column is Conservative Senator Linda Frum catching Hepburn spouting incorrect figures on Canada’s incarceration rate:

frum hepburn

This is not the first time Hepburn has been caught making up things (see here) and as his and the Star’s panic worsens, it won’t be the last.




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