Trudeau cabinet minister tweets photo meeting with criminal organisation representative

Less than a week after Liberal environment minister Catherine McKenna threw one of her staffers under the bus for “saluting” the murderous regime in Syria (see here) McKenna posted a photo from her personal Twitter account meeting with a Greenpeace official:

Somehow McKenna thinks it’s ok for Canada’s government to tout a group that consistently breaks Canada’s laws, including gaining access to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa:


What other convicted criminals do the Liberals associate with that we don’t know about?

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Business Development Bank of Canada president must resign after publicly defending Liberal finance minister

The Business Development Bank of Canada is a non-partisan crown corporation that should never involve itself in political partisanship yet during this Star fluff piece on scandal-ridden Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau, the president and CEO Michael Denham did just that:

“If there’s one thing that has really made me mad in all this is that Bill is pure in terms of his ethics and his integrity,” says his closest friend, Michael Denham, 53, president and CEO of the Business Development Bank of Canada, an arm’s-length Crown corporation.

“It’s one thing to be attacked on policy.That’s fair game . . . But to be attacked so salaciously on character is what’s been eating away at me,” adds Denham, who’s known Morneau since they were students at the London School of Economics in the late ’80s. (see here)

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer must now demand Denham’s resignation in order to maintain the integrity of the Business Development Bank of Canada and also send a message to other Liberal bureaucrats and cronies that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

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Trudeau’s Liberal government “salutes” the murderous Syrian regime

Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna actually sent this tweet out celebrating the government of Bashar al-Assad:

Bashar al-Assad is a dictator who has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity but whatevs, Paris Agreement!!

Update: McKenna blames a staffer for the tweet:

“Clearly a mistake was made from my Dept twitter.” (see here)

Now, what exactly is a “Dept twitter”?

CBC Opinion Producer smears me as a “nobody” after criticising her column

The egos of most journalists are fragile especially those like Robyn Urback who sold her soul to become the producer and columnist for CBC’s online Opinion section which was set up in November 2016 to compete against struggling newspapers where Urback previously worked. She jumped ship from the money-hemorrhaging National Post to the lucrative taxpayer-funded CBC.

So when I went after her on Twitter for writing a garbage piece on how Canadians who support Trump are basically morons (see here) and then followed up by sending her the links to two columnists (see here and here) saying the same thing, she got personal:

Now I may be a lot of things but when it comes to political circles, I’m hardly a “nobody”. I have a background working for the Conservative Party of Canada, organizing local riding associations, organising a provincial party, running political campaigns, running IN political campaigns, being given op-ed space in newspapers and online media outlets, maintaining a political blog and Twitter account, and being given a twice-a-week spot on a national political news program.

Besides my practical political experience I maintain contacts with Conservative MPs, Senators and political operatives within Harper’s ex-PMO. Urback knows who I am as do probably 99% of the journalists who cover federal politics.

Her comment on me being a “random nobody” was just a smear, pure and simple. It was designed to make herself feel superior and posture for her media friends and supporters.

It not only shows her own insecurities, it displays the incredible arrogance that radiates inside the CBC. They hate conservatives like myself and have no problem saying so in public.



My complaint filed against Black Press editor who told me: “go fuck yourself”

Mike Thomas, Publisher Yukon News:

I was recently on the receiving end of deeply unprofessional conduct from Chris Windeyer, the editor of Yukon News, a Black Press newspaper.

On September 2 of this year, I tweeted to Windeyer asking him to confirm the identity of a Yukon News reporter in a selfie photograph with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In his reply, Windeyer told me to “Kindly go fuck yourself.”

I’ve attached the two tweets: As the tweets indicate, my question was asked calmly. Regardless as to what Mr. Windeyer thinks he knows about me, my agenda, or past work, I believe there is simply no excuse for the way he behaved towards me. I am a member of the public and he is the editor of a prominent newspaper, and a high-ranking employee of a major media company. To use such vulgar language on a social platform is not only personally offensive, but reflects very poorly on the corporate culture and standards of the Yukon News and Black Press and encourages the same by other employees as shown by reporter Jackie Hong who implied I was a racist (also see attached). Indeed, I refuse to believe Windeyer’s and Hong’s conduct was consistent with the code of conduct their paper or publisher holds its employees to.

In response to Windeyer’s behaviour he should be reminded by his employer that this type of conduct is not acceptable and forced to post a public apology.

I have cc’ed the appropriate Black Press management so that they are aware of my complaint.

I await your response

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko

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