National Post blatantly lies in order to protect Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna


You’d be forgiven for believing a Liberal cabinet minister came to the rescue after a nasty bureaucrat went rogue trying to make a Conservative MP sign a gag order in order to be allowed to attend an UN climate change conference after reading this headline from Senior Reporter for the National Post, David Akin’s story:



And thinking that the CPC MP, Ed Fast was extremely ungrateful for Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s efforts:


What the National Post headline writer and Akin just happen to omit was McKenna herself signed off on this gag order even though Akin had posted it in the online story version:


This is a perfect example how the Media Party protects their favoured politicians while pretending to do real investigative reporting.

I confronted Akin on Twitter about this lie but have yet to receive a reply. I will update if he responds and corrects this shameful journalism.


Trudeau taking selfies at mosque day after being a no-show for 9/11 anniversary

trudeau mosque

Last January when six Canadians were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Burkina Faso, the first public event Liberal PM Justin Trudeau did was at a mosque (see here) where he thought it fun to take selfies before talking about such a tragic event:

trudeau mosque selfie

And on Monday, the day after skipping-out on any ceremonies marking the 15th anniversary of 9/11 (see here), Trudeau visited another mosque where he once again took selfies:


And this is the same person who thought it was ok to take a selfie while entering the funeral proceedings of Conservative cabinet minister Jim Flaherty (see here):


You’ll never see the Media Party go after Trudeau for this blatant pandering to Muslim voters even when it’s tied to Islamic terrorism or his stunning narcissism.

Trudeau doesn’t attend 15th anniversary of 9/11, will visit Muslim group following day

trudeau mosque selfie

When six Canadians were killed by Islamic terrorists in January, Liberal PM Justin Trudeau immediately went to a mosque where he spoke about the murdered (see here) and now we are seeing this pattern repeat.

Instead of attending a ceremony on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 Trudeau took a “Personal” day:


And tomorrow he is meeting with a Muslim association:


Dozens of Canadians were killed in the 9/11 attack by Islamic terrorists and this is what Trudeau sees as a priority, pandering to Muslims.

Trudeau’s Policy Director threatens to cut-off newspaper’s access for daring to ask question

trudeau sharpie autographs

Besides the line where Liberal PM Justin Trudeau yells to his assistant for another felt pen while signing photographs of himself:

trudeau sharpie

The most outrageous part of this weird story (see here) on Trudeau’s personal photographer is when the Globe reporter Eric Andrew-Gee is followed into the washroom by one of Trudeau’s top staffers:

trudeau mcnair

And then threatens to cut-off access to the Globe:

trudeau mcnair .jpg1

And what was this outrageous question that was deemed so offensive?

trudeau mcnair .jpg2

Yup, the softest softball question ever is what Trudeau’s people deemed so off-side that they wanted a national newspaper banned.

You’ll remember when the Press Gallery boycotted Stephen Harper’s events when they didn’t get all the access they demanded (see here) yet not a peep of protest from them now.

Funny that huh?

Star’s Paul Wells loses his mind, calls on Canadian government to stop Trump

trudeau wells raj

Was Paul Wells drunk? Did the Russians hack his Toronto Star account? How else can you explain this completely insane column from him?

With 100 days to go until the U.S. presidential election, it is now time for Canada’s government to consider whether it can do anything to help stop Donald Trump’s election. (see here)

This is a journalist who was considered professional enough to moderate a federal election leaders debate when he was with Macleans calling on Canada to interfere with another sovereign country’s election.

Damn scary.


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