My complaint to the CBC Ombudsman on story of black man pulled over by RCMP


Below is a copy of the complaint I have sent to the CBC Ombudsman. You can see my original post on it here:

I was troubled by a recent CBC article by Bridget Yard (“Bathurst man called ‘suspicious’ for reading on wharf” CBC News New Brunswick, Jul. 10, 2016) which I believe violated appropriate journalistic practices in favour of creating a sensationalistic story.

The article centers around a Bathurst man who was “pulled over and questioned by RCMP.” The significant paragraph reads:

“A Bathurst man says he was pulled over and questioned by RCMP while driving home from Stonehaven wharf, and was told it was because police received several calls regarding a ‘suspicious black man’ in a white car parked at the wharf.”

It is unclear from whom the quote in the above paragraph (“suspicious black man”) is coming from. Is it a quote from Louizandre Dauphin, the central figure of the story? Did Dauphin offer it as a direct quotation from the RCMP officer he dealt with?

The story proceeds to state that “RCMP said they were unable to provide comment on the incident, since no one was arrested or charged.” However, in a Canadian Press story on the same incident (“Black man stopped by police after reading near wharf in New Brunswick,” July 11, 2016) the reporter claims the RCMP stated “there was no mention of the occupant’s ethnicity or race” when asked about the incident. The reporter also states Dauphin claimed “race was never mentioned in the exchange with the officer.” I am troubled by the inconsistencies in Bridget Yard’s story. She seemingly, but ambiguously, quotes Mr. Dauphin quoting the RCMP officer making a statement about how the officer’s targeting of Mr. Dauphin was racially-motivated. She similarly claims the RCMP had no comment on the incident one way or another. Both of these claims are contradicted by the Canadian Press story, which claims the RCMP was, in fact, prepared to speak openly about the incident, and that Mr. Dauphin claimed the officer he dealt with “never mentioned” race in his exchange.

Ms. Yard’s story deliberately seeks to portray the incident with Mr. Dauphin as a signal that Canada features American-style tension between the black community and the police. Given the seriousness of this claim, I believe it is very important that the facts of any story offered to support that thesis be unambiguously clear. I believe Ms. Yard’s story badly fails that test due to its ambiguous quotations and information that is starkly contradicted by a competitor publication’s reporting.

A retraction must be issued and an explanation on how this story did not meet CBC’s journalistic practices.

Thank you

Dean Skoreyko

Trudeau booed at Calgary Stampede, Media Party says attendees adored him

trudeau stampede

In yet another example how the Media Party protect Liberal PM Justin Trudeau by hiding or omitting anything negative that makes him look bad came from his visit yesterday to the Calgary Stampede where he was booed:

odland trudeau booed stampede

Kristen Odland is a reporter for the Calgary Herald so this is obviously a credible source which if the media in Canada was ethical and unbiased would have produced front page headlines and lead stories on the national news.

Instead, the only response was to condemn those who booed Trudeau:

yedlin trudeau booed stampede

I asked Yedlin, who is a columnist for the Herald, why she was so upset about Trudeau getting booed as politicians get booed all the time yet she refuses to respond.

So here we have multiple reports of Trudeau being booed but you’d be forgiven for not knowing about it as the only story mentioning it was this by the Herald’s Emma McIntosh:

Though many in the audience were excited to Trudeau, the response wasn’t all enthusiastic. Boos could be heard from the other side of the stadium…

By the way, that was buried 8 paragraphs down.

And what was the headline that they ran you ask?

Trudeau delights Stampede-goers with rodeo visit (see here)

Tell me if Stephen Harper had been booed somewhere it wouldn’t have been a massive story with screaming front-page headlines.

And keep telling me there is no such thing as a Media Party while you’re at it.





CBC says black man was targeted, RCMP deny race was ever mentioned


A story of racial profiling by the RCMP spread by the media reeked of falsehoods right from the start but the one ran by the CBC looks like an outright lie.

In her story, CBC’s Bridget Yard used this quote as proof of the claim by Louizandre Dauphin that he was pulled over by the police only because he was black:

A Bathurst man says he was pulled over and questioned by RCMP while driving home from Stonehaven wharf, and was told it was because police received several calls regarding a “suspicious black man” in a white car parked at the wharf. (see here)

No where does Yard mention who the quote was attributed and in another story run by the Canadian Press, the RCMP are calling the idea of Dauphin being profiled untrue and says race was never mentioned:

The RCMP offered a slightly differing version of events Monday. Const. Derek Black said they received a call about a suspicious vehicle on the wharf last Thursday and there was no mention of the occupant’s ethnicity or race. He says an officer stopped the vehicle and deemed the report to be unfounded.

And Dauphin himself even admits race was never brought up:

The Ontario native said race was never mentioned in the exchange with the officer. (see here)

So, where did Yard get this quote from?

I’ve repeatedly asked her on Twitter and will update if she responds.


CBC caught lying about Harper and Canada Revenue Agency


Dean Beeby was hired away from the Canadian Press by the CBC and his seemingly singular job at the CBC was to dig up documents through access to information requests that could be spun to make the Conservative government look bad which he has continued even though the Liberals are now in power.

Case in point is this latest hit-piece:

beeby cbc 1

Which contains the lie that then PM Stephen Harper personally directed the CRA to go after the Canadian Unitarian Council:

beeby cbc

After his lie was pointed out on Twitter, Beeby quietly changed his story:

beeby cbc.jpg2

Yet no footnotes are included explaining the corrections and how Beeby was wrong to have written what he did (see here).

You’ll also notice that the CBC added the lie in the new headline, of course.

Also: See earlier post (here) where I catch Beeby being fed info from the CBC to attack Harper when he still worked at CP.

CBC News host calls British politician Boris Johnson a “liar”


After the Brexit vote came out in favour of Britain leaving the EU, the Media Party was furious which explains why CBC’s Harry Forestell thought it was ok to call one of the Leave’s top figureheads a “liar” on Twitter:


It might explain why Forestell had this outburst but it doesn’t excuse his behaviour as he actually broke the CBC’s own journalistic standards, for example:

Policy 2.2.21 Code of Conduct

Respect for People

Treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness is fundamental


Respect for Democracy 1.3 Providing decision makers of CBC/Radio-Canada with the information, analysis and advice they need, always striving to be open, candid and impartial. (see here)

Now, what are the odds of Forestell being disciplined by the CBC?

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