Huffington Post calls female NDP MP a liar about getting elbowed by Trudeau

trudeau brosseau

The Huffington Post is all about Girl Power:

heron huffington post

Until they need to attack a female in order to protect Liberal PM Justin Trudeau:

The result? MP Brosseau took a dive that would put Christiano Ronaldo to shame. This is a grown woman who, before being elected as an MP, worked at a campus pub where she was presumably jostled on more than one occasion. Instead of shrugging it off she made a grand speech about how traumatized she was. It is easy to forget that she wasn’t the innocent bystander in this story, she was one of the bullies.

So, what is the story the next day? The prime minister, who stepped in to help a bullied colleague, issues a formal apology and the crybullies are lionized by their peers. (see here)

Looking forward to those proud female Huffington Post editors defending blaming the female victim.


Global News writer says Fort McMurray got what it deserved

darmanin global

Global News has a human resource issue to deal with after their urban planner contributor Andre Darmanin tweeted this about Fort McMurray:


Imagine the outrage had he said the same about the Lac-Magantic train derailment.

Update: Global News has responded by disavowing Darmanin and stating he is no longer working with them:

global darmanin .jpg1

global darmanin


CBC runs lie about NDP premier Notley getting standing ovation from “full” Liberal cabinet

notley trudeau

One of the most unethical things the media like to do nowadays is run quotes from anonymous sources when the reason for keeping the names of these sources hidden isn’t valid.

It used to be the standard that anon sources were sparingly used in stories, for example, to protect the identity of government whistle-blowers but now it’s commonplace in order for journalists to get ‘scoops’ and push biased slants without anyone else being able to question the source.

Case in point is CBC reporter Evan Dyer using one in his story about NDP premier Rachel Notley’s presentation to the Liberal cabinet during their Kananaskis Alberta retreat:

Sources tell CBC News that Notley received a standing ovation from the full cabinet. (see here)

Problem is, Trudeau’s “full cabinet” was not in attendance as this CP story shows:

And not all cabinet ministers attended the detailed session with Notley, choosing instead to attend other presentations being given at the same time or to flit from one to another. (see here)

It’s not the biggest political lie ever but perfectly demonstrates how journalists can either be manipulated, or worse, manipulate the story themselves.

Dyer should now correct his story and expose who his anon source was so the public knows who lied.

Even though Liberal Mac Harb is one being criminally charged, CBC omits his photo in story


Mac Harb

In a story about the ramifications of the Mike Duffy verdict on the two remaining senators currently accused of criminality, somehow the CBC decided to include Pamela Wallin in the headline’s photo even though she is not one of the two awaiting trial:

cbc harb

As the story mentions six paragraphs in:

So far, only Senator Patrick Brazeau and retired senator Mac Harb face trials in relation to alleged inappropriate housing and living expenses, with each facing one count of fraud and breach of trust. (see here)

Yet no photo of Liberal Mac Harb was included, funny how that could possibly have happened isn’t it?


Globe removes word “Liberal” in headline on negative FN residential schools story

globe and mail

One of my ‘favourite’ tactics the Media Party use to either shield their political friends or attack their political enemies is in the headlines, knowing readers don’t always actually read the article.

For example, here’s the headline the Globe and Mail first ran on this story:

globe headline

And here’s the headline after it was edited:globe headline.jpg1

The Globe and Mail doesn’t censor itself in order to protect Trudeau and the Liberal brand, not at all.


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