Liberal MP’s husband smears female Conservative campaign chair about having sexually transmitted disease

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Anyone who watched the Canadian media have a complete melt-down over the morons who yelled FHRITP at two female reporters (see here and here) would assume when a MP’s husband says this about a female, they would go apocalyptic:



But they’d be wrong because this is a Liberal MP’s husband who said it about a female Conservative so, crickets.

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Green’s Elizabeth May “Omar Khadr, you have more class than the whole fucking cabinet”


If anyone had a shred of doubt that Green Party Elizabeth May was full of insane hatred, this video from the Press Gallery dinner will remove it:

You’ll notice there was even a smattering of applause from the audience with some agreeing with May.

How many were journalists?

Update: CBC edits out most of Elizabeth May’s nuttery from Press Gallery speech

The CBC only runs the short clip of May saying “Omar Khadr, you have more class than the whole fucking cabinet” before she is dragged off the stage by Conservative minister Lisa Raitt (see here) but besides the Khadr ramblings, there was this gem:


Makes you wonder what other insanities did May utter last night doesn’t it?

And of course May comes out excusing her performance:

“I apologize that I made an attempt to be funny and edgy….and it didn’t work.”

May said she was just getting over the flu, had put in a 21-hour work day on Friday, and then had to rise early in British Columbia on Saturday morning to make it to the press gallery event in Gatineau, Que.

“My funny speech wasn’t funny. That’s not the first time a politician has done that.” (see here)

What a damn liar.

Another Alberta NDP MLA exposed as an anti-oil fanatic


The list of members of the Alberta NDP (see earlier post here) who would love to see that province’s economy crash keeps getting bigger:


Yup, the guy in the blue coat who marched in this “Council of Canadians Tar Sands Protest” is NDP leadership contender and MLA David Eggen:

But not a single Alberta Media Party member saw him at it right?

h/t Rob Rheaume

Media protected Alberta NDP during election including leader Rachel Notley attending anti-oil rally



After the stunning defeat of the corrupt Alberta PCs Tuesday night by the NDP, one of the biggest media-related stories to emerge was how they refused to investigate and report on any of the NDP candidates during the election.

Only just now are they partially exposing the rabble of Lefty students and activists:

The screen captures taken from Drever’s now-closed personal Facebook account include the 26-year-old sociology student drinking alcohol, wearing an empty box of beer on her head and posing in front of a pro-marijuana sweatshirt, as well as a photo of a hand giving the middle finger to a Canadian flag, which included a comment from Drever stating “OH JKJKJKJK LOVE CANADA!” (see here)


Imagine the Media Party firestorm if it were a Wildrose or Conservative candidate caught posting a photo giving the middle finger to our flag.

Then there was the case of the National Post’s Jen Gerson shielding a NDP candidate who wrote he was contemplating suicide because of the criticisms he was receiving:


And the answer to your question is yes, this guy is now an elected member of the Alberta government’s caucus:


If Gerson had an ounce of integrity, she would resign and if the National Post had an ounce of ethics, they would fire her.

But by far the most egregious example of how the media protected the NDP was given to me by Rob Rheaume who unearthed this photo-gem:


Yup, that’s Alberta’s new premier Rachel Notley standing behind an anti-oil fanatic. Nice huh?

And not a single Alberta journalist knew about Notley being at this event right?:

Activists with Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Keepers of the Athabasca and Occupy Edmonton have united to call on governments to address climate change.

The group held a rally at the legislature Saturday afternoon, a day they have named Occupy the Climate.

MLA for Edmonton-Strathcona Rachel Notley told those in attendance she supported their call for action. (see here)

Now tell me these ‘professional’ journalists won’t be doing the exact same thing during the upcoming federal election in order to help the NDP, Green and Liberal candidates against the Conservatives.

Another Media Party member exposed at Duffy trial – received $7,000 for writing one speech

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We knew the Canadian Senate was rotten but now we have proof Canada’s media is just as ethically decayed.

During the Mike Duffy trial it was exposed Press Gallery member Mark Bourrie had been paid by Duffy to look for people harassing him online (see here) and now we find out Montreal Gazette’s L. Ian MacDonald received $7,000 to write a single speech for him:


You’ll notice National Post’s Tristin Hopper omits mentioning MacDonald writes a political column for his sister Postmedia newspaper (see here).

I’ve asked Hopper to explain why he didn’t include that information and also asked MacDonald if he disclosed taking $7,000 from Duffy to Postmedia but I’m not holding my breath.

Makes you wonder how many Media Party members took money from Duffy and are hoping it doesn’t come to light same as Bourrie and MacDonald.


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