My complaint filed against CTV reporter Alison MacKinnon for censorship stance and misleading viewers

I am writing you today in order to file a complaint regarding CTV reporter Alison MacKinnon’s article “Regina Canada Post employee refusing to deliver far-right publication” where MacKinnon is advocating for the censoring of The Epoch Times by using University of Regina Journalism professor Patricia Elliott as the expert:

She believes this level of misinformation is dangerous and is calling on Canada Post to look into the situation further.

“If Facebook is shutting it down, why can’t Canada Post? You do have to take responsibility as a platform and a purveyor,” Elliot said

Besides the notion that a news organization such as CTV would be pushing for censorship is alarming in itself yet it was made much worse by MacKinnon omitting pertinent information from her article that would make her ‘expert’ look like a hypocrite.

Elliot is listed as a reporter for the National Observer which is funded by foreign money via Tides US and is considered to be far left.

I would like to know how this article was allowed to be run without informing the viewers of Elliot’s blatant conflict of interest and if CTV producers were aware of her employment at the National Observer.

I await your response.

Dean Skoreyko 

My complaint filed with CBC Ombudsman regarding Ken Boessenkool’s guest appearance

I am writing you today in order to bring to your attention the well-reported background of a guest CBC journalist Matt Galloway recently had on a segment of The Current.

The guest was Ken Boessenkool who the CBC promotes as:

“Longtime Conservative strategist Ken Boessenkool” (see here)

Boessenkool has not been involved in the Conservative party as a strategist and to describe him as such is a blatant misrepresentation by the CBC who only continue to label him as such in order to give him credibility.

The CBC must stop falsifying political bios, especially when they are then used to politically attack Conservative voters like the CBC did in this particular example.

The second part of my complaint involves the CBC’s policy position on inviting a male guest who has admitted to behaving inappropriately with a young female staff member. The incident occured at a BC Liberal golf tournament which this Times Colonist column describes in detail: (see here)

You would think that after the Jian Ghomeshi sex scandal, the CBC would be cautious about who they have as guests but this obviously isn’t the case nor standard.

There is no way CBC journalists weren’t fully aware of Boessenkool’s background yet they didn’t care as he could be used to attack Trump supporters here in Canada.

I would like a full explanation from CBC management on how Boessenkool was deemed to be a worthy guest after his behaviour during this BC Liberal event and why he was presented as a Conservative strategist.

I await your response.

Dean Skoreyko

Complaint filed with University of Toronto regarding Prof David Fisman

The following is the letter of complaint I sent to Fisman’s department head plus the U of T’s Dean and CEO:

I am writing to you today in order to complain about one of your
faculty members, David Fisman, who continues making derogatory
comments on his Twitter account aimed at those who disagree with his
militant stance on COVID restrictions and laws.

For example, I have included this screenshot of him politically
attacking a sitting elected official and his supporters by calling
them “COVIDiot trolls”:

Does your department accept this kind of behaviour or will you
sanction Fisman and make it perfectly clear that his mockery of those
who pay his public salary is unacceptable?

I will await your response.
Dean Skoreyko


Update: I have added this to my original complaint

And as a follow up, here’s a tweet from Fisman enjoying the pain of someone living under COVID laws and restrictions:

Again, is this acceptable behaviour from one of your professors?

Dean Skoreyko 

CBC refusing to report on CBC President Catherine Tait travelling between her New York and Ottawa homes

Update: The CBC confirms Tait travelled to New York multiple times this year

On March 29 of this year, Ms. Tait travelled to New York to care for her husband, who lives there and had undergone a medical procedure. She worked from there until June 8, when she returned home to Ottawa. She went to New York a second time on November 13, again to care for her husband, and will be returning home to Ottawa on December 27, 2020. This travel was done with the knowledge of CBC/Radio-Canada’s Board of Directors. Ms. Tait did not ask for or receive any special exemption from the government for her travel and continues to follow all quarantine requirements. (see here)

h/t @Polkameister


Update: My response to the CBC Ombudsman:

You, as the CBC Ombudsman, have no authority over the CBC intentionally hiding a story that involves the CBC President?

Please send me the appropriate section of your mandate that forbids an investigation by your office. I will be following this up by obtaining a legal opinion on your decision.

Dean Skoreyko



CBC Ombudsman, Jack Nagler, has refused to investigate the CBC protecting their CEO.

The following is the response I received:

Dear Dean Skoreyko:

CBC’s Office of the Ombudsman is independent of CBC News management and thus has no say in day-to-day decision-making about which stories are covered.  My mandate is to determine whether information content the CBC has produced fully respects CBC’s journalism policy.  Establishing editorial priorities is, appropriately, the prerogative of programmers.

However, I have shared your email directly with Brodie Fenlon, Editor in Chief of CBC News, so that he will be aware of your concerns.

Jack Nagler

CBC Ombudsman


CBC Ombudsman

As first reported on Dec 11 by the news site Canadaland and subsequently by Postmedia, the public were made aware that CBC President and CEO “has been travelling between New York and her home in Ottawa over the course of the coronavirus crisis” (see here) yet as of today (Dec 15) the CBC has not reported on this in-house scandal.

There is no plausible way the CBC News department is unaware of these media reports which would lead any objective person to conclude that the CBC has made a managerial decision to intentionally suppress this story as it would damage Tait along with the CBC brand.

I am asking for a full, independent investigation and public disclosure into who was involved in killing this story and if Tait was directing or complicit in this cover-up.

I await your response.


Dean Skoreyko

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Complaint filed: Evan Solomon misleading tweet about CPC MP

The following is the complaint I filed with

I am writing today in regards to CTV host Evan Solomon misleading Canadians on Twitter about the intentions of a CPC MP.

In response to a petition by CPC MP Derek Sloan on the safety of new vaccines being introduced into Canada, Solomon stated that Sloan was “advocating against vaccines” which was untruthful at best and a lie at worst (see attached).

In response to Solomon’s falsehood, emergency doctor Jean Marc Benoit corrected Solomon (see attached) yet Solomon has not apologized nor removed his libellous tweet:

Solomon needs to be reminded that his biases against Conservatives are not acceptable and that he publicly apologizes and removes his tweet.


Dean Skoreyko 

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