Too-drunk-to-fly Liberal MP giving PM Harper travelling advice

I’m thinking the last person who should be giving anyone advice on politicians flying is Liberal MP John McCallum.

Seriously, for the Liberals have someone who has been caught too drunk to fly (see here) as their spokesperson on government and security airline protocol kinda weakens their argument a tad.

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  1. to the point Says:

    If Air Canada is safe enough for the general public it’s safe enough for Harper. He has RCMP escorts to ensure his safety and if he keeps his big mouth shut about where he is going until he has been there no one can plan to attack him. Reminds me of G. 20 spending what a waste of money have you mean report on it afterwards problem solved.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Typical of Liberals, he’s not too good at taking blame either, he came close to blaming his mother for serving him too much wine with dinner the day he was not allowed on the plane due to intoxication. I would think he must had a skinful to be that inebriated, his Mommy should have known better!

    Also sort of in travel mode, he also didn’t know what kind of car he owned, he said he drove a Chevy when the truth was he owned a Volkswagon import. In that case the truth didn’t suit, he was flogging Canadian owned vehicles.

    Nah, we won’t take any travel advice from Chevy McCallum thanks,

  3. Fay Says:

    Obama flys all over the US campaigning openly on tax payers dime. never a peep about the cost from the MSM in the USA. Despite their huge debt and poor economy. What is it about Robert Fife and CTV that makes them think they need to act as the right to fly police for Canada.
    CTV’s attacks make all Canadians look small and cheap.

  4. John Buckham Says:

    Dean, is this a photo of McCallum indicating the preferred serving size of a ‘wee dram’?

  5. Bec Says:

    Are you kidding ‘to the point’? You get them all, BCB but that comment trumps them all…….from a dense pov. Holy Smokes!

    The PM of this country AND the General in command of this country are deserving of transportation that is secure, private and safe, period.

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