CRA ignoring Sierra Club and Environmental Defence funding illegal activites?


After not getting a response from the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorate to my complaint about the Sierra Club and Environmental Defence sent June 27th (see here) I gave them a call yesterday to at least get confirmation they had received my email.

Guess what – you have no ‘right’ to know that your complaint was even acknowledged. So as far as I know, it was never received.

Jaw-dropping huh?



8 Responses to “CRA ignoring Sierra Club and Environmental Defence funding illegal activites?”

  1. E Mac Says:

    You actually expected better?
    The fool you are.

    • Richard Says:

      Hiding behind freedom of information legislation appears to be an instictive response by all levels of government when asked a question that they don’t want to answer.

      That being said, I sure hope that they are looking into this. Looking into the Suzuki Foundation would be a good idea as well.

  2. WTF Says:

    An actual person answered the phone !?

  3. Ian Says:

    If you make a complaint to your MP and ask that a letter be sent to the Minister a paper trail will be started and they will be required to respond.

    • Alain Says:

      I agree that this is the best approach since they are thumbing their nose at the normal procedure. It is indeed interesting how they have been extremely quick to revoke the charity status of a pro-life charity on the grounds that they were involved in politics by exposing the abortion industry. Yet we continue to see the most blatant abuses by many left wing groups (including big funding by foreign radicals) which is ignored to date.

      • Ian Says:

        The mandarins at the top of many of these Government departments are too left wing. The public, uninformed public, somehow think that the governing party has all kinds of power but it’s not he case most of the time.

  4. Liz J Says:

    It’s all down to bureaucracy and the bureaucracy the present government is dealing with is leftist to the core and are capable of doing much damage by ignoring rules then enter the media into the equation and you have what they call a scandal and the government and/or the PM will get the blame. Who’s to say the same thing isn’t going on in the Senate, after all having a majority of Conservative appointees is not something the left can tolerate,they even went after the PM for filling vacancies which is his responsibility to do. Like it or not, that’s our system and it’s not a easy fix to change.

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