Refused to show Muhammad cartoons, CBC posts photos mocking Jesus being PM Harper


During the height of the Charlie Hebdo news coverage, the CBC went out of its way to not run the cartoons which caused Islamic terrorists to sweep through the office killing the Paris newspaper’s staff:

CBC News has decided not to publish cartoons from Charlie Hebdo that feature the Prophet Muhammad.

“This is not a ban, and it isn’t censorship,”  David Studer, CBC’s director of Journalistic Standards and Practices, said in an email on Wednesday, reminding news staff of CBC’s long-established policy.

“We are being consistent with our historic journalistic practices around this story, not because of fear, but out of respect for the beliefs and sensibilities of the mass of Muslim believers about images of the Prophet​. Similarly, we wouldn’t publish cartoons likely to dismay or outrage mainstream followers of other religions​.” (see here)

Yet when the Canadian Press ran a ‘story’ based on a collection of internet tweets started by the NDP-backed Broadbent Institute, the CBC had no worries about outraging Christians:

The hashtag #CPCJesus has been trending on Twitter in Canada after Vancouver Conservative MP Wai Young made remarks comparing the political party to Jesus. (see here)

Which including these photo-shopped images:


harper jesus

Because no Christian will fire-bomb or storm the offices of the CBC and CP with assault rifles.

7 Responses to “Refused to show Muhammad cartoons, CBC posts photos mocking Jesus being PM Harper”

  1. Centurion Says:

    Will you be making a formal complaint to the CBC and/or other agencies about the matter?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Probably yes

      • Centurion Says:

        That would be good. I’m curious what spin and torque they’ll use to explain departure from their own standards and editorial policy, both of which are spelled out in black and white.
        Should you go ahead, post your submission and I’ll adapt it for a complaint of my own. I’m involved in so much campaign work right now that I haven’t time to search the routing for such complaints.

  2. Jen Says:

    CBC has no policies or else they would have refrain from posting this as well.
    Guess what CBC, ‘God is watching every move you make.’

  3. JR Says:

    The CBC doesn’t give a rat’s *ass about respecting religion or people’s religious “beliefs and sensibilities”. They only “respect” Islam because they (a) fear its fanatics and/or (b) believe it boosts their multi-culti bonafides. They have nothing but disrespect for Christianity and Catholicism but just love Pope Francis when he spouts anything that appears to support leftist beliefs and causes, which, lately, is quite often [].

    CBC’s hypocrisy is blatant.

    • Ken (Kulak) Says:

      Well said, as is Liz J’s comment below.
      It seems that CBC hates Judaeo-Christian liberal democracy enough to be allied with radical Islam.

  4. Liz J Says:

    What shysters, they’re very selective as to who’s sensibilities they consider, it’s obviously not Christian or Jewish. Just more puke inducing crud from the CBC, that’s what we’re paying for.

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