Trudeau outs Media Party members for helping write his ‘memoir’

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The Media Party is in full-campaign mode pimping Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s memoir with fawning, fluff interviews but the Star’s Susan Delacourt may have slipped up with this gem:

The actual writing of the book was a group effort. Trudeau sat down with various interviewers (including the National Post’s Jonathan Kay), and then the taped recollections were sorted by editors and advisers. (see here)

So, either Trudeau ‘stole’ these Media Party members’ news material which, led by the CBC is colluding to keep from the Conservatives (see here), or they gave it willingly to help him ‘write’ this book.

Also: See earlier post where Kay goes out of his way to smear Sun News after they dared to expose Trudeau campaigning in an extremist mosque here


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  1. antfrm Says:

    so, we are to believe that there is no such thing as a “media party” in action here, and they do not work in collusion to gain electoral victory for the most empty-headed, pretty piece of fluff candidate in a generation ? – we will suffer mightily if we allow this to take place, and it will lead to a breakup of this country

  2. sillybird Says:

    Political PRs usually tape scrums and interviews themselves.

  3. bocanut Says:

    The Media party proves again they are a cackle of Progressive hypocritical journalosers

  4. Liz J Says:

    To be sure he’d need help, let’s hope it works as well as Iggy’s “get to know me and you’ll love me” desperate attempt to win over the majority of voters. When the privileged try to act like something they are not it shows their utter disrespect for the intelligence of the ordinary voter. It’s supreme arrogance.

  5. Fat Tony, CD Says:

    The Media Party Consortium writing his memoir. Hmm. Isn’t a memoir suppose to list great accomplishments a person has achieved in their long life. Another reason to defund the CBC. This is not in their mandate.

  6. Fay Says:

    There is definitely an all media party hands on deck to prop up Justin this weekend.
    Wow, even I am surprised at the lengths the media consortium will go to tuck that security blanket under Justin’s chin!!??

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Pretty easy to pick out Juthtin’s contribution, that’s the parts in crayon.
    The Media has never gotten over their hissy-fit over PM Harper, Juthtin is their only hope for a Liberal messiah.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    First Chatelaine does a fluff piece about women for Trudeau, then CTV has a story on Trudeau tonight on W-Five with Lisa (EXCLUSIVE) and CBC is all over his “Memoir’s” and on line CBC is gushing over his book…I read some of the story…man…talk about looking for PITY….no politics, no vision, no question and answers…just Trudeau talking about how he doesn’t believe in going negative and then he runs down PM Harper….I was surprised he mentioned his brother Michael was in a car accident and was charged with POT in his glove department. He also says his marriage has it’s “Ups and downs”. This is all a head shaker. The media must of all got this memo to campaign for Trudeau on the taxpayers dime over at CBC….with the rest of them tagging along. His work ethics is his usual…someone else did the work and he did the editing. Tomorrow he does his book release in Ottawa with all his gushing media and teens. sigh. Talk about trying to get elected on his “Papa’s” shirttails like Chow and Layton.

  9. Alain Says:

    We are witnessing the exact same strategy employed by the American media party which managed to get him elected twice in spite of a complete lack of substance and being the main puppet for some of the most radical anti-American activists. In fact it would not surprise me to find that these same Yanks have some advisory role in what is happening here.

  10. Sean M Says:

    Whats is this opus called… “How to become PM for dummies”? Or is it… “Fairy Tales the Media Consortium told me”? Just another in a long list of PR stunts from Justines Media consortium… gives the Media another chance to talk about “Justines Pedigree”… UGH! As if being the son of the worst PM in Canadian history is some kind of rational excuse to make this idiot the PM… his name is Trudeau, what more do you need? According to the Media Consortium Justine the Clown should be made PM simply because his name is Trudeau, thats probably not the only thing Justine and his Media Consortium agree on. Jonny Kay is giving Althia Raj a real run for President of the Justine fan club. The Media Consortium wrote a “book” about their candidate Justine and they called it “Common Core”? Good grief… why not call it, “Forward” or “Hope@Change” or “Dreams of my Father”… nauseating condescending tripe, and it’s only just beginning.

  11. andycanuck Says:

    And the collusion gets even worse… (I hope the URL stays active considering its title.)—.html

    The online webpage of Toronto newspaper the Star — and now those of the Edmonton Journal, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun, and other newspapers across the country — is running a free 4-minute promo-piece/campaign ad for Justin Trudeau that auto-plays when you click on the link to what appears to be a newspaper article.

    • andycanuck Says:

      There’s been a correction added to my link above:
      [Correction: an earlier version of the post had the ads also appearing in other newspapers. This was based on a glance at online search results, and appears to be incorrect. I apologize for the error.]

      So the quoted paragraph now reads just about the Star and not the other newspapers listed in my quote from the SDA link.

  12. Beachdude Says:

    This does not surprise me….Old Smokey Delacourt has been a Liberal cheerleader for years if not decades, wasn’t she the one who was in tears at the presser when Iggy resigned? Also her brother works for the Liberals so her helping Trudeau is not a surprise to me. This behaviour from the media party is not going to change it is their M.O , they hate the right, they despise the PM, Conservatives and love the left and all Liberals .Being objective? Please………..that’s funny!!

  13. Bubba Brown Says:

    “Our Family has done enough” add “damage”
    Or in Liberano “Our Family has done enough, we are goin’ legit, fuggedabout it”
    Poor little rich boy Justin and his travails, shades of the little match girl.
    “Mansions of Misery” could be a CBC series like Little Mosque on the prairie

  14. Fat Tony, CD Says:

    If Ben Mulroney had written his memoirs, I seriously doubt the media consortium would be publicizing it.

  15. Jen Says:

    I am sure Putin can hardly wait for Trudeau to become the PM: According to Trudeau on Television for the world to hear said that ‘Putin invaded Ukraine because Russia lost the OLYMPIC HOCKEY GAME’ .
    Now let’s see, Putin is trying to lay claim at the Arctic (remember the Russian jets in our airspace), and since Russian lost the Olympic hockey game to CANADA, there is no hard reason why Putin not invade the Arctic.
    When people like Justin make such idiotic remark like he said, people like Putin will take his word for it- to influence his (Putin’s) desire to achieve his goal at the Arctic. Thanks to Justin.
    Don’t be surprise Putin comes calling.
    Also Iran will come calling to Justin to have Canada’s sanction on Iran be removed as promised by Justin to a some Iranian reporters.
    Justin may fool Canadians with the help of the media but never will they fool the world leaders.
    Putin thinks Obama is a joke and does Iran.

  16. Lyle P Smith Says:

    Don’t kid yourself the American political advisors are working overtime to get Trudeau into the Prime Minister`s seat. They are using the same playbook here, as they did for Obama!

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