NDP MP Davies partner’s website produced Harper/Hitler video for CUPE rep

Check out the Sun News segment where the anchor notes the video made by Canadian Union of Public Employees Humberto DaSilva was produced by the lunatic-Left website rabble.ca (see here 40 sec mark)

As I’ve pointed out before, rabble.ca is run by NDP MP Libby Davies’ partner Kim Elliott who was a keynote speaker along with Mulcair at the Canadian Journalists Association conference (see here) so don’t ever think that the Media Party will start letting people know like in this example (see here).

Note: Picture of Davies above is from when she attended a Sea Hitler Gaza boat rally h/t SDA


12 Responses to “NDP MP Davies partner’s website produced Harper/Hitler video for CUPE rep”

  1. marryt Says:

    Could this be a reason the NDP is losing popularity.

  2. dmorris Says:

    Libby Davies is a good example of why we should never have allowed immigration from England.

    Is that Libby in the picture,or the wrestler, Dick “Bulldog” Brower?

  3. Mary Hines Says:

    Why am I not surprised!! They pretend to be so “Lily clean”..and they are “SO DIRTY” they can not even wash it off if they tried….

  4. Liz J Says:

    Says a lot about where the heads of the Canadian Journalists cum Media Party are, erases any doubts as to their “leanings”.

    Speaking of Hitler, he’d be much more comfortable among the NDP.

  5. Liz J Says:

    It may be unkind and petty but Libby should be able to afford some sort of support for her hooters…….

  6. kootenaybob Says:

    They apparently have not heard of “Godwin’s Law”…. A little OT – I attended the Remembrance Day ceremonies at Grandview Park on Commercial Drive in Vancouver to see my father in law march – Libby Davies and Shane Simpson were in attendance to lay wreaths. Couldn’t help but consider the hypocrisy of two of the most anti-military, freedom hating socialists pretending to honour men like my father in law, who they utterly despise. Simpson attempted, unsuccessfully, to use the ceremony as a platform to attack the Harper government over some perceived slight against veterans. Expected, but still distasteful.

  7. CUPE Conflicted – is it Harper or Israel they Hate Most? « kootenaybob Says:

    […] Libby Davies throws her not insignificant weight behind the latest CUPE rant… […]

  8. Alain Says:

    There is really nothing one can say when union bosses claim that requiring financial transparency and accountability is the same as forcing innocent people into boxcars to be shipped to death camps. No discussion or debate is possible with such blatant dishonesty. All this opposition to this bill makes one smell a rat, and really big one. No, I am not referring to the blimp, Libby, who continues to be an absolute moonbat. As for her I blame the idiots in her riding who keep electing her, since it more of a reflection on them.

  9. Anne in swON Says:

    Wait a minute, dmorris, to say “we should never have allowed immigration from England” is more than a little over the top. I came from England with my English mother and my Polish father in 1957. My father wanted a country to belong to since he had lost his in the war in which he fought as a member of the Polish division of the British Army. Canada offered that to him after only 5 years as opposed to the 12 years he would have had to wait in England. I resent being lumped in with the likes of Libby Davies just because I share her country of origin.

  10. Harold Stothart Says:

    Libby is such a waste of skin. I do not know why anyone supports here. She is an embarrassment to Canada.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Ms Davies wants to other people what to eat maybe she should pay attention to her own diet I know people have legitamate weight problems & i feel empathy for them But that doesnt give them the right to a Holier than Thou atitude

  12. TheMaj Says:

    Kim Elliott is pleased with her work in South Africa to end apartheid. I have visited my friends in RSA on numerous occassions over the past 18 years and I can assure her that things are not going so good in South Africa. Maybe she should return to RSA and help them get their country back and track and take Libby along. Leaving us alone is the best thing that these two can do for us…..

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