CPC President John Walsh has a lot of explaining to do


In light of the revelation that Mike Duffy received $13,000 from the Conservative Party (see here), I hope members address  how their money is being spent under the current leadership of John Walsh at the upcoming convention in Calgary.

This unacceptable lack of accountability and extremely poor judgment for spending party funds must end with the removal of Walsh and any other National Councillor found involved in allowing this to happen.

For I’ll safely assume no Conservative Party member expected their donation to go to pay Mike Duffy’s lawyer bills and it’s far past time to take back control from the likes of Irving Gerstein and John Walsh as they have proven to be unreliable to the party faithful.

8 Responses to “CPC President John Walsh has a lot of explaining to do”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Other Canadians aren’t getting straight answers, so why should CPC members?

  2. Brrr Says:

    Legal expenses are legitimate party expenses. It absolutely is one of the things that your donations are for. All parties do it, that’s how it works. Ask Mulcair how he liked the $100,000 his party paid him for his libel suit.

  3. brad Says:

    as a person who maintains the CKE Riding Assoc accounts, I am very much less than impressed with this revelation. our entire board knows how important it is that every dollar we spend is both necessary and has the appearance of being necessary. when people donate they are still expecting a service. they are expecting us a board to ensure that every dollar is used to run as effective a campaign as possible to get our party elected. there is no higher purpose for this money than that. the entire council should be dismissed because it was on their watch that this happened. trust is something that is very hard to regain.

  4. old Lori Says:

    I see a lot of limp self congratulations at the convention so far.
    Enthusiasm is as low as I’ve seen it.

    Does anyone at the higher levels of the party realize that we are really in trouble? Do they even recognize that there is a problem – the base is drifting off, losing interest, and Harper’s speech last night looked like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

    We have 2 years to get our act together – that’s plenty of time. But if no one admits there is a problem, there’s no hope that we will.

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