Iggy’s concern about charges doesn’t include his MP’s


Maybe Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff should direct his comment “These are serious charges and they carry with them jail time” at his own MP Pablo Rodriguez. (see here)


“Conservative organizer” John Reynolds backing Liberal premier Christy Clark


I almost gagged reading this quote from ex-Conservative MP and “federal Conservative organizer in BC” John Reynolds on his new-found support of Liberal leader Christy Clark:

“I’m a great Kevin supporter but Christy has won. She’ll have my full support financially and every other way I can help.”

It was bad enough having ex-Conservative national councillors backing Falcon and Abbott (see here) but this is way too much to swallow.

Is Reynolds speaking for the federal Conservatives, because this is the stuff that can create an all-out war here in BC? (see here)

Canadian media avoids Tommy Douglas’ extreme views on homosexuality

Mark Bonokoski in his editorial for the Sun chain asks the rhetorical question why the national media were all silent on the secret RCMP file on Tommy Douglas which showed some very unpleasant views:

‘Could it be the embarrassment of now knowing the father of Canadian medicare believed “subnormals” should be placed on state work farms and sterilized to prevent them from having children?

“Because this class tend to intermarry,” wrote Douglas, “the second and third generations are nearly always worse than the first.

“The result,” he added, “is an ever-increasing number of morons and imbeciles who continue to be a charge on society.”

Could it also be the sadness of knowing that Douglas, during his time as federal leader of the NDP, believed homosexuality, even though decriminalized, should be “recognized for what it is — a mental illness, a psychiatric condition, which ought to be treated sympathetically by psychiatrists and social workers?”‘ (see here)

And of course Tommy Douglas’ daughter and her fellow Harper-haters at ACTRA wouldn’t want to these ugly details getting out prior to her rant (see here)

Citizen’s McGregor looking for a new job at CBC?

Glen McGregor from the Ottawa Citizen went out of his way to come to the defence of the CBC and criticize the Sun chain for calling the CBC a “state broadcaster” (see here).

Anyone remember McGregor white-knighting for the Sun being called “Fox News North” by his own newspaper (see here)? What a complete and total hypocrite.

Also: Check out Brain Lilley schooling McGregor here on this subject.

The BC Liberal Party can no longer pretend to be conservative

Christy Clark won the BC Liberal leadership race and now will automatically be crowned premier.

The Liberals are made up of a combination of liberals and pseudo-conservatives but now it’s gonna be fun watching these so-called conservatives being led by a hard-core Liberal. To get an idea of what this means, think back to what would have happened if Belinda Stronach had won the Conservative Party leadership.

You hear that? That’s the sound of the Liberals imploding.

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