Email: BC Conservative Board of Directors outing their leader’s ‘Judas’

This email was sent to me and besides cleaning up the format, have only hi-lited a few specific areas and is posted in its entirety as received. For some additional back-ground see my previous post here:

We have an AGM coming up in Langley next month; probably the single most important event in the history of  our party since its rejuvenation under John Cummins’ leadership. These are certainly interesting times to be a BC Conservative.

This email is primarily to let you know that I am running for President of the Party, and that I would very much appreciate your support in that endeavour.   I believe I have demonstrated a proven track record of leadership on the Provincial Board this past year, as well as in my dual roles chairing the Province-wide Policy Committee, and now the Platform Committee as we head into the May election.  Those of you who have dealt with me directly know that I listen, consult, collaborate, and work toward consensus wherever possible.  These are skillswhich, it would seem, are badly needed within our Party right now.

Which brings me to my second point.  Many members of our Party (quite likely including yourself), will have received an email early Thursday from one John Crocock, a director-at-large on our Provincial Board,in which he strongly urges a vote in favour of a “leadership review” in advance of the AGM.

First of all, you should know that Mr. Crocock does not speak for the Board.  We had no idea it was being sent out.  The fact is that when he and an ally on the Board tried to get access to the full party membership database earlier this month – we suspect so they could spread their divisive message even further than they did – they were roundly denied.  Out of a total board of 26 members, there were only three votes in favour of that motion, which shows just how small a minority they truly are..

However this email, (the one you’re reading right now), is being sent out with the full knowledge of the majority of the Board. 

As to the substance of Mr. Crocock’s comments, there truly is none.  He claims to have been “getting a lot of phone calls” from members who are somehow vaguely upset with the direction of the Party.   If this is true, he’s pretty much the only one.  I haven’t received any communication of this kind, and I have taken a fairly high profile in my various roles with the Policy and Platform Committees; I’m certainly not inaccessible.  Further, the Regional Directors in our two strongest areas in terms of membership, (the Okanagon and the North Island), have also received no such communication.

In his email, Mr. Crocock also seems to question some of the decisions of the Board.  I would simply say that he has been a member of that Board for almost a full year, and a review of the minutes of recent our Board meetings shows he has not requested that any negative vote of his be “recorded” on any single major question that has come before us.  Further, most of the motions which he himself has made in the last 6 to 8 months have “carried”.  So for him to criticize decisions that he was an integral part of seems disingenuous at best; downright dishonest at worst. 

The bottom line, folks, is that the last thing we need right now is a”leadership review”.   John Cummins has taken this Party from getting less than 5% of the vote in the last election to the point where we are consistently in the low 20% range.  We are tied with the governing Liberals, and the trending has us pulling ahead in the next few months.  Suggesting that we change leaders when we are in the midst of this kind of success curve is absolute madness.

Even the imploding BC Liberals recognize the folly of a leadership review this close to an election, and if any Party is in desperate need of new leadership, it’s them!  Having a leadership race now would be a ridiculous waste of time, resources, and energy, all of which should be put toward fielding winning campaigns and candidates in next May’s election.

I had not intended to make John Cummins’ leadership an issue in my run for President, and it certainly is not central to my candidacy for that position.  However,  for the record, I will be supporting him 100%, and I urge you to do the same by voting “no” to the leadership review.

I would also respectfully ask you to forward this email to your local Constituency Board(s) and to all the members in your local CA to apprise them of the situation and to provide some balance to the material that was sent out early Thursday.  Thank you in advance.


Al Siebring,


BC Conservative Party



11 Responses to “Email: BC Conservative Board of Directors outing their leader’s ‘Judas’”

  1. Norman Ouston in Armstrong Says:

    Well, there you have it. It would be foolish to change leaders this close to an election.
    Dean dumped on me for suggesting the noisemaker should be silenced. He told me it is Cummins that should be downsized. Perhaps this is so.
    Anyhow, in my opinion, Cummins should take a lot less money from the party to show stability but must remain leader until at least after the election.
    Think of the time to garner support for another. It would diminish the party for the coming months. Stay the course and gain support from BC.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Oh yes, let’s take the word from this Siebring guy that Cummins is awesome. Drinking from the same jug of Kool-aid

      • Norman Ouston in Armstrong Says:

        So, I take it that you want to dump Cummins and bring in your own hand picked wonderman. You want to start the entire nomination process just before an election. What good would that do for the BC Conservatives, as if you are interested at all.

  2. Trish Proulx Says:

    Let’s see, I received an e-mail from John Crocock with regard to the leadership review, and I have NOT received this email. So what Mr. Siebring is saying is that the parties constitution/bylaws mean absolutely nothing just because they are considered an inconvenience. Just curious what is the next thing to be considered an inconvenience. Sorry but rules are rules, if you don’t like them, change them but abide by the rules that are currently in place. Also, if Mr. Cummuns had no problem, then the leadership review ballots would have been mailed out with an explanation as to why it shouldn’t be held with the MEMBERSHIP deciding this NOT the back room boys.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Exactly. A party may not pick and choose which constitutional rules it wishes to follow. This excuse that the ballots were forgotten to be sent out is beyond belief.

  3. Norman Ouston in Armstrong Says:

    Don’t be so fucking stupid.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I only allow this comment to demonstrate the type of people Cummins has surrounding him. Quoting the ‘word’ of God one second and swearing the next. Standard procedure with them. Seen it many, many times.

  4. G. Mcrae Says:

    Amature hour. I remember this from the Reform Party of BC days. The problem with most startup parties is they can quickly turn into a cult of personality where the leaders do what ever they can in order to keep being a big fish in a small pond. Cummins is doing what is best for Cummins. Dean is right, if this how the Conservatives deal with internal issues, how will they act in public matters?

    I have already written the next 4 years off. I am seriously considering not voting next May, I live in a NDP riding now and I don’t see that changing. My hope is that only the right of centre Liberals get elected as the official opposition and take over the party within.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, the smaller the party the more problems like this they have. Larger membership numbers help stop these types of gate-keeping and fiefdoms from being built – unfortunately it’s a chicken or the egg kinda thing

  5. BC Conservative’s president creates massive mess then quits leaving others to clean up « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] being the point-man for his Messiah John Cummins in kicking people out of the party (see here and here) and making a complete joke of the BC Conservatives, Al Siebring, in another self-indulging letter […]

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