CBC quietly changes BS story about doctor’s diagnose of Chief Spence

cbc bs spence storyThe screen shot above is from the story that the CBC ran making it seem as if Chief Theresa Spence had been examined by a very concerned medical doctor.

One big problem – the CBC reporter (who isn’t accredited to the story) admits that this doctor has never even seen Spence:

Although Jones hasn’t treated or inspected Spence

Here’s the text of the original story:

As Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence continues her hunger strike, which has been on-going for more than three weeks, a critical care doctor says there is potential at this point for her body to begin breaking down at an alarming rate.

Spence has been on the hunger strike for 25 days in a push to have a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper over treaty rights.

Dr. Gwynne Jones said it’s helpful that Spence is consuming hot fish broth during the hunger strike, but admits it’s not enough to maintain her health.

“There is no doubt that this is a phenomenal battle that her body is waging to try and maintain its life force,” said Jones.

“But unfortunately, it’s happening simultaneously with breaking down of muscle and lean body tissues that are fundamental to her energy production and to her immunity,” he said.

Although Jones hasn’t treated or inspected Spence, she said these can sometimes be symptoms of someone who has been malnourished for an extended period of time.

Aboriginals are ‘very vulnerable’ to hunger strikes, doctor says

Aboriginal people suffer many chronic illnesses that make them “very vulnerable” to this type of activity, Jones said.

Starvation and infection have been two main threats throughout human evolution and Spence is at risk of both, Jones said.

Jones said it’s Spence’s right to protest in this fashion.

However, he said as a healthcare provider, it’s difficult to watch her health deteriorate.

Jones said there isn’t an ethical obligation to intervene even if her health deteriorates further because it’s her right to take this action.

“The only reason to intervene is if she wishes it because this is her autonomy that we must respect,” said Jones. “I think it’s a tragedy that she’s having to use her autonomy in this way.”

Jones said at this stage she’s “very vulnerable” to surface infections in her lungs and gut, which can turn “rapidly fatal.”

The online mockery quickly ensued and it didn’t take long for a new headline and story to appear:

cbc spence bs story 1

Not only has the story been changed without of course letting the readers know, I noticed that some of the comments from the 1st version look to have been scrubbed clean by moderators. (see here)

That folks, is what your tax dollar-paid news organization believes is accountability after it gets caught running a blatantly biased article.




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