Kady ties herself into knots to keep from reporting on Soros and Avaaz

I’ve been following Ezra Levant challenging CBC’s Kady O’Malley to report on the anti-SunTV petition and George Soros’ connections to it and no matter what Levant offers her as evidence, she just keeps moving the goal posts.

Of course absolute proof never stopped her from “reporting” on Avaaz and Soros (see here) when it came to bashing complaints from the Conservatives about 3rd party advertising during an election.

I love watching her try and deflect her obvious biases against a guy like Levant who not only knows how to get someone to paint themselves into a corner but is tenacious going about it.

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24 Responses to “Kady ties herself into knots to keep from reporting on Soros and Avaaz”

  1. paulsstuff Says:

    Truly pathetic. Kady does blog postings about Soros, but when blowback comes about his motives and character she dismisses it and says even Conservative’s don’t care?

    Sorry Kady, but you are the most bush-league member of CBC I have ever seen. And that’s saying something.

  2. Bec Says:

    “you know, I don’t think that many canadian conservatives….”

    What does Kady know about Canadians at all let alone Conservatives? She never asks them!
    She ignored Climategate, she brushes this under the carpet apparently and then has the audacity to “think” for “canadian conservatives”? Arrogance knows no bounds with her!

    This girl is a hopeless puppet of the left and being a placard carrying activist on some University campus would suit her far better than a pretend journalist.

    A true journalist is someone that digs for facts and tells a story that engages and opens up the eyes and minds of readers/viewers, in this case, Canadians, conservatives or otherwise.

    What Kady does, occurs during bathroom breaks in Junior and Senior High School girl’s bathrooms across this continent. Gossip and tell half truths.

  3. Honey Pot Says:

    She is a goddess on the left. hahahahahaha, makes her look like the silly twit she is when won’t back her half truth’s. The silly girl didn’t even know who Soro’s was until Ezra pointed it out to her.

  4. Peter Says:

    I see again that the PM’s lunch with Rupert Murdoch is again being played in the news, hinting that some right wing conspiracy is going on. However, I would invite anyone in the blogosphere or media to check on the connection between George Soros and Michael Ignatieff. I think it would shed some light on Avaaz and the sudden interest in Sun News.

    • Jen Says:

      Soros must have a hold on the canadian lefty media to want them to do the same to Sun TV; as he is doing to GLENN BECK- urging people to boycott Glenn’s show.

      Soros is not the only that you should be aware of but Maurice Stronge(bob rae’s uncle) as well. Both of them are up to no good. but amaeteur kady playing ‘ dress-up reporter’ only plays with her tweeting toy.

      If she was ‘really’ a reporter-‘R E A L’ reporter, she would not make a fool of her with stupid remarks re to canadians and conservatives of whom she knows nothing about or of.

  5. Sean M Says:

    Kady O’Munster is an imbecile. She makes a real good living off the backs of the Canadian taxpayer, pretending to be a “jornolist” spinning and shilling for the Librano/NDP/Separatist party, while being willfully ignorant of facts that get in the way of her negative narrative against PM Harper and the Conservatives. Her “Dennis the Menace” meets “Bart Simpson” routine is embarrassing and tiring. Good on Ezra for exposing O’Munster’s bias and willful ignorance of the facts pertaining to Nazi collaborator and sleaze-ball, left wing extremist, Soros. Kady, like Soros is a sociopathic liar, an extreme left-wing cockroach who can’t stand the exposure of the light.

  6. Fay Says:

    It is sad that Kady through her Dad’s NDP connections has moved to CBC so fast. I am sure there are many journalist students with real talent in Canada who never had a chance.
    Kady is embarassing to the University that trained her.
    I am sure there are many others that would be a credit to Canada. Does CBC require strong NDP ties before hiring?

  7. real conservative Says:

    Soros is one sorry arsed excuse for a human being if you ask me. Many have called him a psychopath with billions of dollars to wreck havoc on the world and he does do just that. If you are a supporter of his that is one thing but to not see any of his many warts is another thing too.

  8. syncrodox Says:

    Kady is doing her best Les Nesmond impression vis a vis “obtuse”.


  9. MariaS Says:

    What a piece of works that woman is !! She has been proven to be a liar time and time again but just like a spoilt brat that she happens to be, and like the rest of the nitwits at CBC, they just plough on spreading their lies and deceit every which way.

  10. a few figs Says:

    Avaaz is also has a campaign going for the CBC.


  11. syncrodox Says:

    Yea but they just want a loan eh.


  12. Chris Says:

    Does Kady “report” anything? I thought she was a gossipist. She certainly reads like one. And you would think that someone of her paygrade and education would have learned to use capital letters by now.

  13. Mary T Says:

    If Canadians don’t want lies, inuendos and political bias via a tv channel, shoved down our throats, and have to pay for it, why is the CBC still in business.

  14. Revnant Dream Says:

    Soros is America’s Marice Strong. My apologies to Strong. At least he didn’t prey on his own people to stay alive. Than say he felt no guilt over it as an adult.
    Look under any slime coated rock in NA, you can guess who faces you’ll see when Socialism or chaos ripens for quick cash.
    From Media matter to Canadian PMS, both have fingers in the pie. They own the Media along with its professional politicians.
    Billionaires for Marx. For folks like this even owning all the world would not sate their lust for more. Democracy interferes with the accumulating. So it must go say the looters. An owned Political entity bows.

  15. bo Says:

    Kady O’Malley-just another journaloser.

  16. Kady’s attempt at slagging RCMP Commissioner « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] This apparently takes precedent over all other news items that she might be looking into say like Avaaz and George Soros […]

  17. L Says:

    Oh yes, Kady – WE DO GET IT!.. We understand the multi-faceted Soros links to Power Corp and Maurice Strong and the UN and lots of charities and foundations. Harper is the only one not on payroll. Iggy has links through his former directorships and Rae is in. Lizzie May is owned by the Sierra Club and their Gaia friends. Duceppe and Charest and McGuinty and Gordon Campbell are all into carbon trading investments. I do not know about Layton ..

  18. victoria Says:

    It is a shame Australians were not made aware of all this in 2010. We now have Avaaz interfering through a campain to impose ideological censorship tests on media in Australia. Leaked e-mails show quite clearly that this group fears the appointment to the board of Fairfax news, a billionaire , Gina Rhinehart. They have lobbied the government to change laws to achieve this. Gina is RIGHT WING and they do not want an opposing viewpoint being bandied about. We also have another group [funded by George Soros as well] called GetUp. Half truths/untruths and downright lies are used in their campains. What I want to know is WTF business is our country to some ancient American ?

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