Liberal supporter behind “Conservative” Blue Committee

The term wolf in sheep’s clothing or the image of a Trojan Horse come to mind with the formation of the Alberta Blue Committee led by Ken Boessenkool.

Boessenkool likes using his “conservative” pedigree to describe himself as he does on his Twitter account:

“Committed to conservative principles in government here in Alberta and across Canada”

But what he doesn’t like to showcase is his backing of hard-core Liberal Christy Clark as her leadership campaign manager which was so plainly unseemly that PM Stephen Harper forced him to quit (see here).

Boessenkool also doesn’t like to be exposed as a political opportunist as his reaction to my Tweet to the National Post’s Kevin Lebin shows:

“@kevinlibin Still no idea how Boessenkool can claim to be Conservative Blue after being Christy Clark’s campaign manager”

This conservative “uniter” reacts to me calling him out by attacking the leader of the BC Conservative Party:

“@bcbluecon Cummins went from “vote like me for the NDP” to “Vote for me and get the NDP”. Not my kind of Conservative.”

Funny that huh?

“Conservatives” like Boessenkool are the type who are committed to conservative principles unless there is a Liberal is writing the pay cheque. The test of a real Conservative is one who can’t be bought by a Liberal.


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  1. Calgary Junkie Says:

    How the heck is this Blue Committee going to “unite” conservatives before the next election ??? Are they going to ask conservative minded voters to choose the candidate (PC or Wildrose) most likely to defeat … the Liberal/Dipper ? LOL

    Look, Ken, give it up. The battle lines have been drawn How many nails do you want me to point out that the PCs have used to shut their coffin ? How about Stelmach’s cancelling of Senate elections, or Redfords’ giveaway of $100 million to the teachers union ?

  2. Jan Says:

    Gwyn Morgan also advised Clark -Is he a closet Liberal too? These are Harper’s closest buds. They’re trying to get their hooks into the B.C. government.

  3. Jan Says:

    You’re proving my point.

  4. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    It’s no secret that the PM and the Premier loathe each other…even though since she became Premier, she is desperately trying to get into his good books.

    • Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

      Premier Clark of British Columbia, that is.

      • Bec Says:

        I would wager a bet that it’s the same with the new Premier of AB too.

        She’s got a history with ‘Joe Who’ and that spells RED TORY to me.

        • Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

          Nothing wrong with red tories, per se, such as Hugh Segal…

          …however, Joke Lark, David Orchard and Sinclair Stevens are a whole different kettle of fish!

      • Jan Says:

        I don’t imagine there’s any love lost between Harper and Redford – she took on his believed Rob Anders.

  5. wilson Says:

    60,000 Albertans who voted in the last PC leadership election, stayed home this year.
    That’s because our chosen leader was not on the ballot… Danielle Smith.

    My Wildrose candidate worked for Preston Manning and Deb Grey.

  6. Bec Says:

    I heard him on Rutherford this AM and he sounds more like a know-it-all mediator than anything else. I resent that arrogance and I’m not sure what he’s trying to accomplish .
    Frankly, I don’t care about his pedigree and resent that he drops the PM’s name. There are many that worked behind the scenes and on the scene with the PM that have moved on both pro and con.

    The reason that we have a WRA is because we don’t have a ‘conservative’ party in Alberta. End of conversation! The PC’s left US first and now we are leaving them in droves. If it ends up being a PC Minority govt where conservatives have burned bridges with each other so be it. We would then see WHO the PC’s latch on to for support….RED or BLUE!

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