Robocall super-sleuth reporter kicked out of Manning conference

Matthew Rowe of iPolitics has a very interesting bit of gossip posted about how “witnesses” report that Postmedia’s Stephen Maher was removed from the Manning Centre’s conference last night and his Watergate-like partner Glen McGregor left with him as a sign of solidarity as did CBC’s Kady O’Malley. (see here)

Update: Maher has confirmed it!

“As has been reported, I was ejected from a Manning Centre party last night. Today I’m told it was a misunderstanding. Case closed.”

Would Maher be so forgiving on a story that he was chasing? Why is this incident involving him a “case closed”?

Update: It’s now being reported that Maher was removed from a private function by an official after he “responded angrily to his approach” (see here)

Globe omits Christy Clark caught cheating during university election

If a newspaper is going to run a ‘human interest’ story on a premier such as the Globe and Mail did on Liberal Christy Clark, referring to her attendance at Simon Fraser University, then they should include her sordid tale of student council election rigging:

Ms. Clark graduated from Burnaby South Senior Secondary in 1983 with no job prospects. She studied at university while working – in a bar, as a nanny and as a clerk in a record store – and never finished a degree. (see here)

This is my Tweet to the Globe’s Justin Hunter who I have corresponded with on a few occasions in the past:

@justine_hunter You didn’t mention Christy Clark getting caught cheating during the student council election from her Simon Fraser days

I’ll update if I hear from Hunter.

During her days at SFU (of which the tales of are common fodder as she hung out there with the current who’s-who of the BC Liberal Party) Clark ran for President of the student council but was disqualified after it was discovered she had broken campaign rules. Clark also failed to let it be known that she was flunking out which, surprise, SFU kinda wants one to be in good standing as a student to sit on its student council.

The Globe isn’t the only media organization to misrepresent Clark’s tenure at SFU. Take a look at the glowing Macleans’ article done when she won the Liberal leadership:

She learned the political game from her father, Jim, a Burnaby schoolteacher and Liberal foot soldier who had her door-knocking from the time she could walk. By university, where she was briefly the lone right-winger on student council at Simon Fraser University, she’d cemented alliances to future B.C. powerbrokers, including deputy premier Kevin Falcon, former finance minister Gary Collins and backroom operatives like Mike McDonald, now her chief of staff. Back then, Clark was “gregarious, fun, opinionated,” says a friend of 25 years—“just as she is now.” (Clark’s friends and Liberal insiders would only speak anonymously to Maclean’s.) (see here)

Will we soon learn more things that the complicit media conveniently left out of Clark’s background?

Update: Christy Clark’s ex-husband responds:

Mark Marissen ‏ @marissenmark

@bcbluecon Truth: “She was disqualified by union-backed election committee for leaving a couple posters up at dt campus past deadline”

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