Minister Moore hires Conservative candidate on taxpayers’ dime for partisan purpose

There have been plenty examples of politicians’ sleazy usage of public money over the years but in recent memory none are more blatant than what Heritage Minister James Moore has been caught doing.

Moore has put ex-Conservative candidate Saulie Zajdel on the government payroll to “shadow” Liberal MP Irwin Cotler which Moore was dishonest about initially:

After several months, Heritage Minister James Moore shared some details, explaining Mr. Zajdel works in his Montreal office as a non-partisan liaison with local multiethnic communities. (see here)

This is complete BS. It’s beyond disgraceful for Moore to have hired this failed candidate so he can ‘campaign’ for the next 4 years paid for by the taxpayer. If the Conservatives want this guy then they should be paying his salary.

I certainly hope that PM Stephen Harper wasn’t in on this unethical hiring and to shows us that he wasn’t, should immediately fire Moore.

Update: Zajdel bragged about working for two ministers:

“I’m going to be working under Christian Paradis, minister of the Montreal region, and Canadian Heritage minister James Moore in the Ministers Regional Office in Montreal” (see here)

Update: Paradis has been found to have been in a conflict-of-interest for setting up talks in his previous ministry with Rahim Jaffer (see here)

Update: Zajdel has now “resigned” (see here)

Blogger posts RCMP member’s bombshell quotes about Christy Clark’s involvement in BC Rail scandal

A member from inside the RCMP special investigation unit is not only saying that Christy Clark was indeed under investigation, the RCMP and the crown’s special prosecutor covered it up to protect her and the Liberal Party:

–  Christy Clark was “a person of interest” in the BC Rail investigation and that the RCMP covered it up “Absolutely, and any honest cop involved in the investigation knows this. But they have to cover it all up. If the NDP or Conservatives win the next election, you’ll see some early retirements by members who were involved in the case. They don’t want a public inquiry and will fight to stay away from the witness bay.”

–  “I personally know she was a lot more involved than she claims”

–  “I was surprised when she lied to the press about it before the leadership race.”

Read the entire explosive interview with this officer here

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