Liberal MP caught playing dirty tricks in Guelph with robocalls

Looks like a big plate of crow is being served to the sanctimonious Liberal MP Frank Valeriotte as a recording of a phone call has surfaced in which the female caller ‘worries’ about losing “a woman having the right to choose” if the Conservative candidate is elected. Valeriotte admits that it came from his campaign although there was no mention of who it was during the recording.

Listen to it here

Valeriotte also has a bit of a history of breaking the rules as blogger Christian Conservative discovered here and check out the video posted above where he’s fed self-serving questions during some bizarre ‘interview’ and untruthfully recounts that the polling station at the university was “sanctioned”. (1:25 mark)

Update: Blogger A CAW Worker’s Voice of Reason reminds us that it was the Liberals also who were caught handing out campaign pamphlets at the illegitimate university polling station (see here) 

Update: CBC is reporting that the caller ‘Laurie MacDonald’ used a fake name for illegal robocall (see here)

No rules against big donating lawyers from getting Liberal paying gigs

My conflict of interest complaint against Christy Clark appointee Geoffrey Cowper filed with the BC Law Society (see here) went nowhere fast as explained in the letter received:



CBC Kady’s blog allows slanderous comments about Campaign Research


Readers of my blog may recall CBC’s Kady O’Malley siccing her Twitter-dogs on me for allowing personal comments about her to be posted:

“Man, those commenters are pure class, huh? RT @CBCWatch: Some more of that awesome “reporting” from CBC’s @Kady” (see here)

I read all comments and approve all comments prior in an effort to keep swear words, legal issues and overtly personal attacks out but once in a while I slip up. Sometimes it’s due to haste and other times it’s because I didn’t recognize a legal liability issue but whatever the reason, I am willing to correct and admit my mistakes to the people offended.

And since O’Malley decided to play this little game of ‘hurt-bunny’ with me, I have pointed out the personal attacks left on her blog that are not corrected let alone apologized for but today, the stakes were raised.

In O’Malley blog about the Manning Centre conference in Ottawa (see here) I noticed some nasty comments and a link to a slanderous column about Nick  Kouvalis and his company Campaign Research (see pic above) hours ago which still remains posted.

Another perfect example of accountability O’Malley demands of us unpaid bloggers but won’t uphold herself. Easier when you have staff to blame and a legal fund to draw from I guess?


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