Video footage of Ottawa robocall protest you won’t see the Consensus Media run

Besides ripping apart the Liberal’s faux outrage and pointing out the nutbars who were speaking at a Toronto robocall protest during this segment on The Source, Eric Duhaime and fill-in host Jerry Agar run video of the handful of protesters who showed up in Ottawa. (2:00 min mark)

Just don’t expect anyone else in the news business to do the same.

Also: For more background on these nutbar speakers at the Toronto protest, check out blogger Blazing Cat Fur here


Where did NDP leadership candidate get all that money from?

A few politic watching eyebrows here in BC were raised when NDP MP Nathan Cullen’s donation amounts were released a couple of days ago (see here). How does a low-profile MP from a sparsely populated northern coastal riding raise $120,000 from the NDP Party faithful especially in light of his controversial positions?

Cullen is advocating “working with other parties” and completely embarrassed himself show-boating for the anti-pipeline crowd at the Enbridge hearing (see here).

I’m starting to wonder if that’s maybe where we will discover who these donors are when the NDP leadership money numbers and sources are finally revealed.



Lawyer using courts as political weapon against Ford

Well-known activist lawyer Clayton Ruby is in the media again, this time for being ‘hired’ by someone who has a history of backing Left-wing causes to attack Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

I put the word “hired” in quotation marks because, surprise, Ruby has taken the case pro bono. (see here)

The Left only like democracy when it’s their side that wins.

Also: Don’t forget that it was Ruby who defended NDP MP Svend Robinson when he was caught stealing a $21K diamond ring

Liberal MP has some explaining to do about his robocall story

There are two things with Liberal MP Frank Valeriote’s version of his campaign’s illegal robocalls (see here) that don’t pass the smell test:

1) He’s stated that Elections Canada has told him that this robocall complied with election law (see here). This statement is either untrue or Elections Canada is completely incompetent. It is clearly illegal to run robocalls without identifying the party source.

2) Although this robocall was set up and paid for by his campaign with a caller using a fake name and not identifying it as coming from the Liberal Party, Valeriote only told Elections Canada a week ago after an investigation was already underway in Guelph. (see here)

Can’t wait to hear how he squares these.

Update: Problem solved as Liberals deem robocalls “not advertising” so they couldn’t have broken law (see here)

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